#SnippetSunday – Hard-Boiled/Noir WIP – July 12, 2015

Snippet Sunday is a Facebook group for writers I’ve been privileged enough to have been accepted into.

From the group guidelines; “Welcome to Snippet Sunday, where writers come together to share a few sentences of their current project–whether it’s a recently released novel, a WIP (work in progress), or an older manuscript that’s being revived. Intended to hook readers, gather feedback and build an author’s fan base, Snippet Sunday is the FB group that does all three.”

This week’s snippet picks up where my last one left off.

Jake and Jed are still talking business in a booth at Beau’s Bar & Grill. Jake’s finally getting some answers to his questions…

“And you say you don’t know who they are.”

“I’m not just saying it,” he insisted.

“Haven’t tried to find out? You seem like a pretty direct guy.”

“You got that right.”

“Ever seen them before today?”

“Once. Marisa pointed ’em out when we were out driving, begged me not to stop. They had three guns on me before I got one leg out of the truck.”

“What stopped them from plugging you right there?”

He laughed.

“A cop car came around the corner. Marisa’s pals put their guns away and backed into the house they came out of. I got my ass back in the truck and hit the gas.”


“Yep. If the cop knew it was me about to get shot he’d have stopped to help ’em do it.”

“Deputy Norris doesn’t seem the type.”

He toyed with his empty pint glass.

“You don’t know him like I do.”

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for any feedback you feel inclined to leave. If you’re a Snippet Sunday author, please make sure to stop by other writer’s blogs.


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  1. This guy seems to have quite the history with a lot of people!

    (By the way, if the deputy’s first name is Charles I might have to hurt you. LOL)


  2. Another great snippet, Jeff !


  3. Way to bring Norris back on my List of Characters to Watch!

    This continues awesome, Jeff. 🙂


  4. Wow, so much information here, well conveyed in the dialog you gave us!


  5. You’ve nailed the genre of your book. Nicely done.


  6. Karen Michelle Nutt

    What don’t we know about Deputy Norris. Interesting snippet. Lots of info.


  7. chellecordero

    I’m beginning to wonder about Jed, seems an awful lot of people don’t like him including the Deputy. As always the dialogue is beautifully in character and captures my attention.


  8. And I thought the Deputy was on Jed’s side earlier. I wonder why so many people want the head of poor Jed.


  9. “He toyed with his empty pint glass. “You don’t know him like I do.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I did not see that coming! I love that line, absolutely love it. It builds suspense and surprise. Now I’m REALLY curious to see what Jed has done to have so many people out for blood against. I want to know the history of this guy. What happened? Why do so many want a bullet in him? Must know!!


  10. Great last line . I love lines that say so much with so little 🙂


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