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Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 37 WINNERS

All right then…. let’s get right to it.

Judge Miranda Kate has spoken.

There might have only been 7 entries, but my job was still a tough one, and I’ve added an HM too as really for me there were 4 top entries, not just 3. But I enjoyed ALL the entries, such great stories and such great writers, it is always tough.


First place – and overall Winner – Lizzie Koch @Lizzie_Koch

This was such a festive tale, in time for Halloween, and also so well suited to the music. It made me laugh out loud, particularly with some of the references to TV shows, and I loved the kicker at the end. Great idea, and well put together.


Second place goes to Mark Ethridge @LurchMunster

For someone who thought his piece was ‘crap’ (Mark’s words), it was FAR from that. It had the right tension of spooky as it flowed through, and then even had me covering my mouth as I realised the horror to be revealed. Really well done. Nothing like a good and original ghost story.


Third place goes to Cara Michaels @Caramichaels

I try hard not to show bias with Cara’s writing, because I am a big fan, but it just flows SO well. Her dialogue is spot on and the characters shine through so clearly. And in this story, not only did it reflect the song, the whole mystery and intrigue that left the reader with a cliffhanger – very nicely done.


Honourable Mention goes to Bryan Taylor @Bryanthetinker

I am adding this category because I really enjoyed this piece. It had such a great feel to it, such nostalgia, I could not only see this piece, but hear it too. The sad overtones of the main characters situation were also made poignant by it being something many of us are likely to have to go through at some point in our future. Really enjoyable read.

Congrats to all of our Winners. Lizzie– here’s the Winner’s Badge.

Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Miranda for a job well done.

Just a reminder- the Blues-Buster will be on hiatus for the month of November.

Happy writing!