Mid-Week Blues-Buster

What’s it all about? A music prompted flash fiction challenge.

The prompt will be a song.  A link to either a video or audio file will be posted here each Tuesday, no later than 8PM Eastern Time.  The song and/or video are there to get the ideas flowing.  You do not have to reference the song or even mention it.  If you want to then bully for you but you don’t have to.

Word Count? A slushy 500. 

We’ll be using a slushy 500 word limit, meaning, if you’re on a roll and need a few more words to really nail your story go ahead and take ‘em.  Up to 700 words.  Works the other way too.  500 is the goal but if you only need 300 that’s okey.  But 300 is the minimum.

The time frame? Tuesday through Thursday. 

The challenge runs from whenever I post the song on Tuesday to 11:59PM (EST) on Thursday.

Judges?  Yes, there will be judges. 

I’ll be doing the judging until I manage to put together a slate of volunteer guest judges.  The judging aspect may or may not be something I stick with.  I like the idea of collecting the responses for our mutual enjoyment, ala Five Sentence Fiction and Visual Dare.  But who doesn’t love a contest?  This is a work in progress so stay tuned… I’ll make up my mind on this part of it by next Tuesday.

Prizes? Maybe!

Yeah. There might be prizes involved at some point but for right now your prize will be the pride you feel for creating a tale well-told.

Badges?  Do we need stinkin’ badges? 

Yeah.  I think we do, so if someone more creative than me (meaning everyone drawing air on the planet at this moment) has something we can use or feels like making one I’d be much obliged.  Otherwise I’ll be perusing free clip-art for a usable image.

– – – – –

So there you have it, whole Mid-Week Blues Buster enchilada.

Got questions? Send them to me via twitter: @jtsuruoka


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