Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 3.06 WINNERS

Week 3.06 turned out to be a good one for the MWBB.

Judge Pratibha Kelapure had lots of great stuff to read.

Here are her decisions;

Winner: Detour by Alicia VanNoy Call
This story grabbed my attention and never let it go. The plot unfolds gradually like petals of a flower opening up, and tension builds up with each new revelation. The initial stunned state of the main character slowly returns to conscious state, and the struggle to salvage the remnants is heartbreaking. The resolution has an element of surprise, and it brought tears to my eyes. I loved the understated elegance of expression. The images are vivid; I could watch the scenes unfolding before my eyes.
First Runner-Up: Payback Is a Bitch by @bullishink
A phantasmagoric story indeed! This story also benefits from the gradual disclosure and keeps a reader wondering and wanting more. The concept of trading up “blood and gore” for “flesh and horror” is fascinating. I admired some of the creative phrasings, some examples of which are:
“the brief dress I’m poured into”
“But I got a heart like Saturday night vodka on the rocks.”
“Their voices wriggle through my mind, slurred like weekday drunks and skittish as newborn colts”
Second Runner-Up: Setup by @mishmhem
I loved this story for the strong spirit of the main character. All the winning stories, this week, have one element in common: the stories unfold in series of masterful steps. This story is no exception. The climax when Elle, the main character, realizes: “There would be no more Cody and her. There was only her and her choice.” Her strong character is drawn skillfully. A very satisfying read!
Mazel tov to all of our Winners.
Alicia – here’s a Winner’s Badge for you;
Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Pratibha Kelapure!
See you on Tuesday…

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