Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 3.04 WINNERS

We managed six entries for this week’s edition of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster.

Judge Louisa Bacio had some good reading material to work with. Here are her decisions;

I enjoyed the varying levels of thematic elements in these pieces. Although the prompt says it doesn’t have to include anything from the musical inspiration, several contained feline elements. Sometimes, it’s hard not to be influenced.

Thank you for the chance to judge this week. It’s always fun to look at stories in a different light. Remember, all comments are totally subjective. It was a tough choice between one and two.



Poof.” The story is nice and tight, and contains a high amount of drama. The pacing keeps the reader going, and the dialogue moves with the storyline. It’s tough in a short piece, but would like to see some emotions. Is he jealous? Does he love her or does he just not like to be rejected?

Second: Ella Gray


What we could do to take over the world! It’s like we get a fantastic idea that sparks and “squirrel.” I love the way Amanda keeps the Apocalypse from happening.

The short was entertaining, with an easy-to-read banter, and the descriptions were different, setting it apart:

Damn, she really didn’t want to move but that feeling lingered. With all the strength of a new-born and the grace of a heavily hungover troll, Amanda tugged down her bedsheets and rolled onto her other side.”

I had to laugh at the line: “Nay a sip of a slippery nipple will pass these lips.” Nice alliteration.



Ah, when you reach the end of the story, the title takes on a new meaning. Readers get that extra, “I got it” moment.

Immediately, the reader’s attention is captured. With a wife of three hours, one would imagine bliss, not conflict. Instead, we get “The flames that had burned so hot had turned to something so cold that the space between them like was an arctic wasteland.”

Now of course, as a mostly ménage writer, I’d love to see the story turn the other way. 😉

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

@mishmhem – here’s a Winner’s Badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Louisa Bacio!

See you on Tuesday…


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  1. Ooo, a third, thank you. I hadn’t really decided what he was, until he burnt the place down, and even then….downfall of no plan or fixed storyline in your head.


  2. Its good to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t know who/what their characters were until the end. Well done all and… thank you!


  3. You are very welcome, and I totally understand the find out in the end bit!


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