Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.40 WINNERS

Week 2.40 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

Judge Mark Ethridge had plenty to read…

So speaketh Judge Mark;

@laurenegreene – Well written. I think you did a good job capturing the essence of your main character.

@susanoreilly3 – Oh, I like this one. Prose, and well worded. Just enough to capture the story.

@skarlitsunrise – Adeptly described thoughts and emotions of the main character, which add color and depth to the tale.

@MissBliss – A sliver of a much larger story. A turning point in a tale.

@Angelique_Rider – You do write dark tales well, don’t you.

@mishmhem – Like the play of darkness and light, where the evil is always there, even in the light.

@davejamesashton – Interesting concept, and interesting twist on an undead tale.

@blurosemd – A mystery of a female if ever there was one.

@callthewriter – The two parts blend to tell the tale of a family (I’m guessing), where Earl is gone, and good riddance.

@bullishink – The things we do for love. Well crafted, as always.

@PurpleQueenNL – A deal with the devil to remember.

The question I must propose an answer to, as designated judge, “Identify the top three.” As some of you might know, I don’t always do the expected. I don’t always write the expected story, and I don’t always react the expected way. So, here’s how I reacted to these wonderful little tales.

3rd – @davejamesashton – The concept of coming out at night, and hiding during the day to survive the “unliving” makes a good twist on a zombie style tale.

2nd – @callthewriter – Earl’s gone. Good riddance. I’m fairly certain he got what he deserved. I also appreciate the daughter’s reference to him as Satan.

1st – @susanordilly3 – The flow of the words, the compact nature of the prose, limited to only the essentials, worked for me, and so did the story those words shared. Well done.

And there you have my personal picks for the top 3. Truth be told, I’d give everyone 1st place, but as the Highlander stories always say, “There can only be one.”

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Susan– here’s a Winner’s Badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers and thanks to Judge Mark Ethridge.

See you on Tuesday!!!


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  1. ah I’m chuffed thanks so much and congrats to everyone x


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