Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.22 WINNERS

Week 2.22 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.
We had our best week yet since our return from summer hiatus.

Judge Miranda Gammella had great stuff to read. Here are her decisions.

3rd Place: @bullishink – “Done Trying” I loved the sweetness to this, how they both seemed to realize how much they needed one another, and of course the perv in me loved the bit of sauciness at the end.

2nd Place: @lurchmunster – unnamed story that I shall call “Brian” – how deliciously creepy, Brian praying in church, the reader not really knowing what he had done until toward the end. Evokes a different kind of feeling from the Macy Gray song.

1st Place: @PurpleQueenNL – unnamed story I shall call “First Date” – This, IMO (and I’m the judge so that’s all that matters LOL), is the best interpretation/inspiration of the song. The lyrics make you think of awkward interactions, initial fumblings of first dates and getting to know someone, and just when you listen to the song, through the awkwardness, there is still happiness and hope, and that is evident in this story. Miranda has captured the feeling of both the music and the lyrics of the song. Great job.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.
Miranda – here’s another Winner’s Badge;

Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Miranda Gammella…

See you on Tuesday…

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  1. SQUEEE!!!! Thank you!


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