Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 07 Winners

We had six great entries for Week 07 here at the Mid-Week Blues-Buster… and no one is reading this to enjoy my introduction so without further ado… here’s judge Valerie Haight’s decisions;

1st place – Kelaino’s Keeper by @BrewedBohemian
2nd place – Gloves Off by @bullishink
3rd place – Green Dilemma by @JMwandering
Honorable Mention – Opportunity by @PurpleQueenNL

Kelaino’s Keeper
This story affected every one of my senses. The terminology, the fresh concept, the relationship between human and machine kept me interested from the first word to the last. It took me somewhere I’d never been before and gave me a whole set of new ideas and fears. Even the names were intriguing. I smiled through the whole story.
Fav line: “I am functioning properly, Kelaino repeated.” All mechanical and totally human. Love it! Great job!!!
Gloves Off
This was such a well-written story. It’s gritty, snappy and goes straight to the core. I loved it and honestly, there’s only ONE reason I didn’t pick it for first place: It wasn’t clear to me who the suffocating socialite is that’s got her hand on Chaco’s wrist. I adore the author’s writing style and believe this was a common case of brain flying faster than fingers. Patch that tiny plothole and you’ve got GOLD!!! 😀 
Fav lines: “That championship belt felt pretty damn constricting right about now.” “The helmet was a little snug but then so was the sweet little rump in those blue jeans.” “His blood was on the sidewalk out front of Manny’s Barber Shop on South Washington. His tears were on his mama’s front porch over on Lexington. And his sweat was in every basketball court between Moffet and Paradiso.”
Green Dilemma
The writing is tight without fluff. The story gave more than the hit and run, but a background of why it caused problems between the two groups. In flash fiction, that’s difficult to do and the author made every word count in moving the story toward resolution.  I liked it a lot.
Fav lines: “…with something between desire and just plain ire, leaning towards ire.”
“Sergeant Greenwood looked after the human detective with something between desire and just plain ire, leaning towards desire.”
I liked the twist to this story. That it doesn’t turn out like I imagined was sweet. Fav line: “the big living they did here…” I like the punch that tiny sentence gives. Six words tells a myriad of tales. Fun read!

Light to the Light-bringer
Emotion-charged, this one! These are two passionates each out for their own interests until they see the other’s point. So like life, right? I enjoyed this story and, being a girl, I enjoyed the happy resolution. Nice job.
Of Moonlight and Sweet Memories Made
What a colorful story! Fav line: “Fractured beams of moonlight broke the canopy and illuminated his frozen grin and his unkempt hair.” The description is perfect and artful. I love it. Anna’s mix of elation and desperation is raw and evident.
So there you have it… Congrats to all of the winners and to everyone who participated… Thanks to Valerie for agreeing to judge the challenge.
See you all on Tuesday!!!

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  1. W00T to the winners!! Awesome Blues Buster week!!


  2. valeriehaight

    Congrats to the winners, thanks to everyone for such well written and entertaining pieces. Also HUGE thanks to Jeff for allowing me to throw in my two cents. Have a great week!


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