Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 07

Shalom, everyone…

Welcome to the Mid-Week Blues-Buster Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 07.

This is a flash fiction challenge.  The prompt is a song.  You are not required to write about or even mention the song.  It’s there only to get the ideas moving around in your brain pan.  If you want to write about the song (or the video- it’s all good here) go for it but don’t feel like you have to.

The rules;

500 words, but it’s a slushy 500, meaning you can go up to 700 or as low as 300.

Post your entry right in the comments section of this post.


The challenge starts whenever I post this on Tuesday and ends at 11:59PM Pacific Time on Thursday.  You read that right.  Pacific Time.

This week’s prompt comes to us courtesy of the one, the only, Jimi Hendrix Experience.


The tune is… “Crosstown Traffic”… Here’s the link; http://youtu.be/oMuCuCFfMoI

This week’s Judge is the vivacious Valerie Haight…

Now off with you!  Write!  The Challenge ends on Thursday April 4 at 11:59 PM PACIFIC TIME!



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  1. Title: Green Dilemma
    Author: J.M. Mendur

    Homicide detective Martin Price arrived late to the scene. He cursed as he nudged his car through the crowd of onlookers and news people. They were getting antsy. They’d had too much time to think about how they felt about the body, how they felt about the police, and how each of them, human and faerie, felt about each other. It was an ugly crowd, with plenty of cameras to spread that ugliness across the whole city.

    One of the uniformed cops held the police tape high so he could drive into the cordoned area. Spotting Sergeant Greenwood, Price stopped his car and got out. “What do we have, Greenwood?”

    The faerie sergeant eyed her superior, a lean black human, with something between desire and just plain ire, leaning towards ire. She blinked her jade-colored eyes once to clear her thoughts, then said, “Hit and run. Victim is human, a working girl. Her street name was Candy. Either no one knows her real name or no one’s admitting it, yet.”

    Price knelt by the body. He noted the tracks on her arms, her too-thin frame, the impact trauma on her hip and torso but no indication of tires rolling over the body. Probably a bump and run, he thought, rather than an intentional killing. He nodded to the waiting coroner’s team who quickly covered the body and began preparing it for transport. Price looked at the crowd. A few ghouls were leaving, now that the body was covered. Many were staying, though. Too many. He knew the next answer before he asked the question.

    “Any i.d. on the vehicle?”

    “Half a dozen witnesses saw one of those new electric roadsters, a green one, racing away. We have a partial license plate. We’re running it now.” She paused significantly. “Three of them said they think the driver had green hair.”

    Price nodded. Worse and worse. He weighed his options. If a faerie killed a human and they didn’t pursue it, the humans would start a riot. On the other hand, there were a lot of faerie extremists who thought humans were little more than vermin in a world that once belonged to faeries alone. If they arrested and convicted the faerie, the backlash of faerie curses and outright killings of humans would be horrendous.

    There were no good options. There was only the law. “Sergeant?”

    “Yes, sir?”

    “We need to fast track the i.d. on the car. We need that information before we leave this scene. How long?”

    “Probably fifteen minutes.”

    “Make it five, Greenwood. Once the victim’s been moved, we won’t have long before things flare up.”

    The faerie woman looked at the detective for a moment. If it had been up to her, she’d have announced the suspect’s identity to the crowd and let the crowd take care of it on their own, as the faeries always had. She realized that’s why she was still a sergeant and Price was a detective. She nodded and turned away to rush the i.d.

    Four minutes and thirty seconds later, as the doors to the coroner’s van closed, Greenwood turned to Price and said, “Good news, sir.”

    “You’ve got the vehicle?”

    “Yes, that too, but I’ve got something better. The driver turned himself in.”

    “Who was he?”

    Greenwood smiled a faerie smile which held no kindness at all. “It was a wanna-be. Some rich kid who’d dyed his hair. Probably looking for kicks and got scared when he hit the girl.”

    Price let the tension in his back and shoulders flow away. “Thank you, sergeant. Go ahead and oversee the clean up. I’ll handle the reports.” He began to walk away, then turned back. “You practically solved this one on your own, Lorelei. I’ll be mentioning that in the report. Good job.”

    Price straightened his tie and went to make a statement to the news people. It was all over and the crisis was averted … this time.

    Sergeant Greenwood looked after the human detective with something between desire and just plain ire, leaning towards desire. She understood, for a moment, why the Faerie Court had decided to let the humans live.


    Word count: 691


  2. Title: Light to the Light-bringer

    “Danny don’t start this again. You knew who I was from the get go. I didn’t lie to you about anything.”

    Angie kept throwing clothes into a duffle bag, her anger barely contained.

    “I didn’t say you lied. I just don’t understand why you have to do this scorched earth thing. I’m the last guy to have an issue with how you live or what you do. So why are you insisting on kicking me to the curb?”

    “Oh come on you started this off with the line ‘baby let’s have a little hit and run fun’? But now you wanna change the rules. What the fuck man, this is bullshit.”

    “Ang, don’t you think it’s a little odd that you are hiding behind that line? Yeah I said it…TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO! It hasn’t been two nights or even two weeks, we’ve been doing this ‘hit and run’ thing for two years and now you want me to just kiss that off because you have to go do something hard. Well fuck that Ang, you’re just gonna have to cowboy up because I’m not that stupid or easy to manipulate.”

    She stopped her frantic packing and dropped her chin to her chest in defeat.

    “Danny” she stopped, eyes filling with tears she would not let fall. She clenched her hands into fists struggling to get control of her emotions. “Danny this is exactly the problem. I can’t have my head fucked up thinking about you. Thinking about getting back to you, worrying about getting hurt because it will affect you. This will slow me down and no one can afford to have me slowed down right now.”

    Danny ran his hands through his short strangely mottled red and brown hair until it all stood up on end, then he squinted his sparkling blue eyes at her, “That sounds suspiciously like Burgess Meredith saying ‘women weaken legs’ to Rocky. But I know what you mean. So here’s the way out of that. I go with you.”

    Angie’s jaw dropped in amazement. She frowned, “That is stupidest idea you’ve come up with yet. What part of ‘you distract me’ are you not understanding?”

    “Bullshit. You aren’t distracted by me when I’m with you Ang, you are distracted by me when I’m NOT with you. What the hell is this really about?”

    It was too much. She couldn’t keep the pain from falling out of her eyes, sliding down her face. She finally looked straight at him, the despair almost choking her.

    “I don’t want you to see me do this” she whispered, “I don’t want you to see how ugly I have to get to do this work.” Then she turned away because her naked terror was too much to share any further.

    He walked up behind her, not touching her but close enough that she could feel the heat radiating off of him, warming her back.

    “So there it is. Finally. I was afraid you’d never get it out and it really would destroy us.” He rested his hands lightly on her shoulders and rested his chin on top of her head.

    “Ang, you do a hard job that our world in its current level of chaos has to have done. It’s horrible. It’s heartbreaking. But no matter what you step up and get it done, with compassion and mercy and a strength of spirit that brings light to the darkness.”

    He turned her to face him but she couldn’t look at him so he gently pulled her chin up, “You have to stop believing that you are in this alone, or that you should be in this alone. You bring light to the world, I bring light to you. Don’t say no to that.”

    She moved suddenly, wrapping her arms around his waist in a fierce hug as he did the same to her. He held her until her sobs stopped. Then they packed and left.

    Word Count: 657


  3. Title: Opportunity

    I saw it all; the palm trees in their neat rows lining the boulevard; the sunshine baking it all; the big living they did here, and I asked myself, was it all it was cracked up to be? Was it everything I’d imagined?

    I glanced at my passenger who was grinning inanely at everything around him. It was Matt’s first time too and his smile was infectious; I laughed. He glanced at me, his smile continuing, and then he slapped his hand on my leg giving it a good squeeze while I tried to keep the car steady.

    “When are we going to get there?” He asked.

    “Any moment now, we should see it up here on the left. I was assured it couldn’t be missed.” Just mention of it gave me butterflies.

    Matt pulled out the camera and got it ready.

    And then we saw it, in all its splendour, its exterior decoration so elaborate it left us open-mouthed. I pulled the car over slowly, crawling along the curb as he started snapping away.

    “Do you think we can do it? Do you think we can get in unnoticed?” His voice was muffled by the long lens camera up against his face.

    I pursed my lips. “Sure, why not? We’ve got into plenty others with far tighter security. NY’s no pussy. I heard they’re far laxer out here.”

    He nodded. “True, although this kind of get up’s a whole other undertaking.”

    “Johnny’s meeting us tonight; he said he’s got it all figured out. He says it’ll be a breeze.”

    “I hope he’s right!”

    “Me too.” I pulled the car out into the road again, and took us back to the hotel, our sparkling smiles having faded a little now we had seen it.

    But Johnny was right, he did have it all figured out, but he played it cool. “You guys sure you’re kitted out with the right stuff? You sure you got everything you need?”

    Matt gave a slow nod. “Yep, got everything. And you’re sure this thing starts at 8? You sure they’ll all be there?”

    “Oh yeah, the whole town’s been buzzing about this one, the turn out’ll be huge!”

    “Good, we can’t afford to mess this up!”

    “Oh this is gonna be the making of you two, they won’t know what hit ‘em!” Johnny grinned thinking about it.

    I smiled at his confidence. “And you’ll definitely be there?”

    “Oh yeah, got me VIP tickets!” He pulled out two gold coloured cards and waggled them in his fingers. We all laughed.

    After dinner, we got ourselves ready. Matt kept checking his watch and giving me furtive glances, reminding me that if we didn’t pull this off we were in big trouble.

    When I pulled the car up a block down from the house, we could already hear it in full swing. We grabbed our stuff out of the boot without speaking and slowly crept up to the hidden side entrance, and just like Johnny had promised, it was open. He’d also been right about the narrow strip of garden alongside the house being unlit. We got ourselves ready.

    I saw the silhouette of a figure by the corner of the house duck out of sight and looked at Matt. This was it.

    Then we heard it, a tapping on a microphone and someone coughing into it. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve prepared a special surprise for you all tonight, all the way from New York, your very own Party Crashers!”

    There was a second of stunned silence and a roar went up, and we ran down into the back garden, into the light, and up onto the blocks that Johnny had promised would be there. Everyone came pouring out, Prince too, as we opened with our most raucous number, rocking them as hard as we could.

    639 Words


  4. TITLE: Kelaino’s Keeper

    He stepped into his vehicle, hoping this time he didn’t burn out the enkephamotor. Replacing them cost a full weeks worth of piloting.

    “Right. Let’s see what you can do, Kelaino.” He pulled on his headset and started the power sequence.

    “Booting from enkephamotor,” A cool voice said.

    “Great, a girl,” Jiyu sighed. He hated female e-motors. They lacked the endurance and strength to keep up with his maneuvers.

    “Apologies, Jiyu-sama. Would you prefer to boot from a disk?” the computer asked.

    “No, Kelaino. Just don’t slow me down with your central reasoning banks, ok? As a matter of fact, engage the protocol to turn the banking algorithms completely off.”

    “Yes, Jiyu-sama. Releasing banking algorithms as required.” The computer clicked and whirred, adjusting the internal settings.

    “This is a training run, so set a route away from traffic and civilians. We do NOT want to run your power down sitting in rush hour.” Jiyu adjusted the visor screen.

    “Yes, Jiyu-sama. Adjusting star maps as required.”

    “Kelaino, one more thing. Stop calling me ‘Jiyu-sama’. There isn’t anything formal here.” He hated formality.

    “Then how should I address you?” Kelaino’s cool voice held a small edge of uncertainty.

    “Jiyu is fine,” her pilot replied.

    “Yes,” she paused. “Yes…Jiyu.”

    “Right. Let’s go, Kelaino.” Jiyu tapped one last control then sank back into his safety harness.

    Kelaino shot up out of the hanger, heading toward the darkest star in her databanks. Her new pilot craved a fast run; he wanted to pitch and swirl like a comet. She yearned to impress Jiyu. He used her real name during initiation. Few pilots ever called their enkephamotors by their real names. If she moved fast enough and cornered sharply he would want to keep her. She needed to be kept.

    Her engine compartment burned but she diverted the neuron sensors, ignoring the pain. The pilot compartment trembled.

    “Kelaino, is everything running properly? You’re moving faster than I expected.” Jiyu began a control systems review on the main screen.

    “Would you like to adjust the velocity, Jiyu?”

    “No, Kelaino. The current speed is wonderful as long as you can handle it. I saw the battle scorches during inspection. And it says here the engine compartment is running hot.”

    “My systems are functioning properly, Jiyu. I have adjusted the sensors so I do not feel the pain. I can move as quickly as required.”

    “Do not break down on me all the way across the galaxy,” Jiyu said.

    “I am functioning properly,” Kelaino repeated.

    “Right. Then let’s run some evasive maneuvers. I’m entering the calculations now.” Jiyu keyed in his best move.

    Kelaino analyzed the calculation. With the banking algorithms disabled and her engines running hot, it was a risky move. She reviewed the control levels of the dive at the required rotation angle. This move might generate enough force to pull her limb panels off. She quickly computed the benefit deviation; it was too high to be ignored. This move could kill her.

    “Kelaino, is there a problem?” Jiyu asked. He knew a female e-motor would slow him down.


    Jiyu’s stomach dropped as Kelaino began the move, diving and spinning at a rate faster than any e-motor he had ever used. She vibrated dangerously and Jiyu thought the machine would fly apart at the seams. Then she pulled out of the dive and whirred to a halt, pressing him against the safety harness. She recorded the dilation of his pupils, the racing of his heartbeat, and the increased adrenaline levels with pleasure.

    “Wahoo!! Kelaino, that was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”

    “Thank you, Jiyu. Do you require further maneuvers?”

    “Not today, Kelaino. Let’s head back and get you refueled.”

    “Yes, Jiyu.”

    At the docking station, Kelaino ran her diagnostic program. She had burned out three ender circuits and had lost a back heat tile. Her engine compartment contained an actual fire and her fuel cell was fully depleted. She waited nervously while Jiyu scanned the readout. He reached out and gently touched a battle scar on her left shin. He looked up and smiled.

    “See you tomorrow, Kelaino.”

    Her inner core glowed brighter than a star.

    (696 words) @BrewedBohemian


  5. Title: “Of Moonlight and Sweet Memories Made”

    The wind blew, long, cool fingers through Anna’s hair, sending chills down her back and laughter to her lips. Although it was high summer, the coastal city of Dynamo continued to have cool nights; perfect for cruising.

    The Morgan blazed over the Victorian lattice-work of the Iron Bridge back towards the city. Tires roared on concrete, backed by a steady kick-drum beat as they passed over each seam. Jeff sat like a fighter pilot in his bucket seat, stealing sideways looks but concentrating on the road ahead, his thoughts as clear as the grin on his face.

    Anna’s arms were in the air, remembering the rollercoasters from her childhood. She let out a lung bursting scream and a raucous, full body laugh, exhilarated as her hair blew around her head like a nebulous cloud of golden silk.

    Tonight, as the full moon sparkled on the Iron River, and the electric haze of Dynamo grew, Anna could feel magic in the air. The scent of wildflowers and sea air drowned her senses and rapidly etched a memory which she knew would stay with her until her dying day. On this unforgettable evening, there was nowhere else she would rather be.

    The roar changed to a deep growl as the Morgan left the bridge. The night sky quickly disappeared from view as the tree canopy blocked out only the brightest stars. Night birds gave worried warnings as the mechanical animal prowled through the forest.

    Anna took a moment in the semi-darkness to study Jeff. Fractured beams of moonlight broke the canopy and illuminated his frozen grin and his unkempt hair. He looked soft and boyish, and that smile; she loved that smile. Jeff was rarely serious, or more accurately rarely too serious. Even when things were less than hopeful he cracked wise, or just smiled, and sometimes that would be enough.

    She loved him.

    Dynamo loomed and the journey, Anna feared, was coming to an end all too soon. Haltingly she had embarked upon the midnight run and, at first, had only offered ice cool conversation. Now she was free and she wanted more. She turned to Jeff as city-sounds added their staccato rhythms to the driving beat of their journey,

    “I love you,” she said, but the wind whisked her words away. Her heart was in her mouth but a smile still centered on her lips.

    Jeff turned, pointing a finger to his ear, “What did you say?” he yelled.

    Anna shook her head and laughed again, looking up as the panorama of stars curved into view behind the outline of the city. Jeff shrugged, his eyes back on the road. Anna raised her hands and wished they, like a bird’s wings, could catch an eddy and lift her skyward so she could disappear into this, the most perfect of nights.

    (470 words) @Spartagus



    Damn it! The bimbo was standing in front of the building again. This was getting to be an everyday thing. And the cops just laughed it off.

    As a world class athlete, if Chaco so much as lifted a finger in that girl’s direction, he’d be locked up before he could hit the speed dial button for his lawyer. That championship belt felt pretty damn constricting right about now.

    He had an hour to get to the airport. The car was across the street in the parking garage. If he used the south exit and high-tailed it, he just might make halfway to his car before she figured it out, and that would be enough of a head start to get himself in the clear.

    This was ridiculous. Enough with the bull. He was going to walk out the front door and get into his car and no rich curvy stalker was going to stop him.

    Her hand closed around his wrist before he was down the steps. “Mr. Garcia! I’ve been waiting for you all morning.”

    The paparazzi vultures were everywhere so he could hardly yank free of her but he did manage to verbalize his displeasure. “Ma’am, I thought my attorney made it clear -”

    The throaty rumble of a motorcycle cut through the afternoon traffic. The black beast jumped the curb, came down the sidewalk, chasing people onto the street and stopping in front of him. The rider tossed him a helmet and revved the engine.

    Suffocating socialite or masked motorcyclist? The helmet was a little snug but then so was the sweet little rump in those blue jeans. It was a more than fair trade off. He wasn’t fully seated before she hit the throttle. Oh yeah, the socialite was a blip in the rear view mirror and he was feeling fine.

    For a brief moment, he considered trying to hold a conversation, but she hit the 205 on-ramp like she knew where he was headed, so he kept his mouth shut and let himself enjoy the ride. She negotiated traffic, corners and looky-loos without flinching, handled his weight as if it were inconsequential and smelled like roses to boot.

    He was disappointed when they reached their destination in record time. That dissipated the moment she parked the bike and took off her helmet. His pulse stuttered. “Marisol Rodriguez?”

    She smiled. “You’ve been stonewalling me for weeks now, Garcia.”

    “Well, yes, but – look, I’m trying to get out of the south side. Rise above my roots and all that. Your business proposal is great, really, but I’m looking to go upscale.”

    “The concrete jungle made you, Chaco. If you move off the block, your stock will tank and you’ll never recover. You aren’t interested in my proposal to combine our gyms? That’s fine. You got a right to choose. I’ll partner up with some other bruiser. But please, don’t buy into the lie that uptown is where it’s at.”

    His flight left in half an hour. Big meeting with big wigs, big words and big money on the line awaited him in Manhattan.

    But Marisol was right. He was downtown inside and out. His blood was on the sidewalk out front of Manny’s Barber Shop on South Washington. His tears were on his mama’s front porch over on Lexington. And his sweat was in every basketball court between Moffet and Paradiso.

    Screw uptown.

    He eyed the brunette athlete. “You had dinner yet? There’s a place on Fifth and Jefferson that serves bbq spare ribs like nobody’s business.”

    “Sounds good. I can get us there inside twenty minutes.”

    “Maybe afterwards we can arrange a little match?”

    “You know I don’t do anything little, Garcia. With a half dozen kickboxing titles to my credit, I’m gonna enjoy putting boot marks up and down your hide.”

    He grinned. “I look forward to hitting the mat with you, my sweet little firebrand.”

    “There won’t be nothing sweet about it, champ. Now, strap on that helmet and let’s hit the road. You’re gonna need all the protein you can get if you want to go the distance with me!”

    – – – – –
    688 words / @bullishink


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