Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.47 WINNERS

The presence of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, at the MWBB for Week 2.47 brought out a good crowd.

Judge Miranda Gammella had plenty to read.

Here’s Miranda;

Well, well, well, with Johnny Cash this week I was expecting the stories to be on the dark-side, with a good measure of death. While most of these stories dealt with death, they were all completely unexpected in the ways each author interpreted the prompt. Overall, it was a great turnout which made picking my favorites hard to do. THank you to Jeff for letting me judge again.

Here are some quick thoughts on each entry.

@susanOReilly3 Resurrection This story definitely had the “awww” factor, and a nice tie in to the song. You’d expect something on the dark side considering the song, but she spun this into a heartwarming “aww” inducing story.

@susanOReilly3 Served Cold Loved this, the build up by the narrator, to the just desserts that the fashion advisor is soon to be getting. The story itself was a little harder to read than the other story by this author due to how some of the sentences were set up, but still an enjoyable read.

@harmony77uk Ain’t No Grave A nice visual interpretation of the video and the lyrics, but still with a unique spin. I so wanted the couple to interact with the narrator of the story, but having them give their silent blessing was much better in the end. Great story.

@laurenegreene Salvation I had to fight back the tears on this one. As someone who has lost family members to cancer, I can relate all too well to this story. I really enjoyed the use of the song as the message for the story, and the humorous argument between the siblings on just what the song means. Great story, loved how the dialogue moved between everyone.

@RLAmes Waiting What a sad story, but I think this echoes what most of us fear, waiting for death to finally find us, dying alone in a hospital room (or perhaps that is just me). You can feel his sadness, the misery in what his life has been reduced to, as he waits to rejoin his love.

@PurpleQueenNL Untitled At first, I thought Merrick had been up to no good, but as I read on, indeed he was there for good, an angel of mercy. Makes you ask the question if you would do the same for a loved one, if there was no hope for a cure, but there is still a sinister edge to this. Did she ask for this release or did Merrick take it upon himself? Great job.

@scotsjamaican Will We Have a Watery Grave? Now this was truly a horse of a different color, a story completely different than the others. The descriptions of the sand, the fog, and lighting were just enough. I was able to picture everything perfectly and was really drawn into the story. I really loved that all the whales and other sea mammals were there to give the narrator a message for the abuses the human race has ravaged upon the Earth.

@StacyFileccia Peace Another touching story. I enjoyed Betty’s journey as she said goodbye to everyone, and had the most amazing time until she went up to Heaven. I also really liked the interpretation of Heaven, of a wall to see loved ones that were still living and being able to say a final goodbye. Very sweet.

Now for the good stuff. Here are my picks: 3rd Place: Salvation by @laurenegreene 2nd Place: Resurrection by @susanOReilly3 1st Place: Peace by @StacyFileccia

Congratulations to everyone who participated. It was a hard decision. Johnny Cash makes for some great inspiration!


Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Stacy – here’s a Winner’s Badge for you;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Miranda Gammella….

See you on Tuesday!

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