Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 26 WINNERS

Here at the Mid-Week Blues-Buster we’re hitting the half-year mark in style…

A dozen great entries… Judge Christina Esdon had a hard job.  Here’s what she came up with.

Amazing stories this week. The images you all created with your words were mesmerizing. What a tough decision I had to make this week!

First Prize: @drmagoo
Wow. I love how this started, but even moreso I loved the internal journey and the words you used to describe that internal dialogue were so visceral and raw. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was really moved by your writing. Congratulations.

Second Prize: Miranda Kate @PurpleQueenNL
This short piece packs an emotional punch. I loved the efficiency of words. From someone who is a ramblin’ writer who beats around the bush (me), this piece was a great lesson in the power of effective words. Thank you.

Third Prize: Michelle @Chelle87Fox
Loved the twist in this story. It made me want more! What’s going to happen next?

Thank you to all of the participants. It was truly a joy to read all of your work. You are a talented, creative bunch! Keep up the great work.

There it is…. Thanks, Judge Christina!

Eric… here’s the Winner’s Badge;


Congrats to all of our winners & writers… Thanks to The Judge!

See you all on Tuesday…

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  1. Yay the winners! Good stuff this week 🙂


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