Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 08 Winners

Week 08 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books… Thanks to everyone who entered, read, & judged.  Speaking of judging… take it away Dr. Hazzard..

Great tales everyone! Thanks to Jeff for letting me judge this gathering of LIVING ROOM tales. I have to admit the youtube video threw me off my game when all I heard was french. An evocative video gave way to some really inspired tales and everyone did a great job. Alas, someone has to win, so I present to you…
The Top 3:
1st – @Valeriebrbr – THE FAVOR – A tight little erotic romance in only 700 words. It was sexy, intriguing, and clever. I would definitely read another 700 words. And another… and another…well, you get the drift.
2nd – @Bullishink – SPY-JINKS AND SPAGHETTIOS – Ruth’s tale of baby sitting a future spy was funny, cute, and had a great hook. I loved the scheming babysitter. All that work for a TV to himself for a few nights. Calvin and Hobbes would be proud.
3rd- @JMwandering – LIVING ROOM – This tale was the closest interpretation to my own, of the song used for inspiration. I thought the very same thing when I listened to it. The only two fucking words I understand are “living” and “room.” The tale paints a great picture of world leaders gathered in a room overthinking a simple message with frustratingly comic results.


And there it is…. mazel tov to all of our winners and to all of our writers.

Valerie- here’s the winner’s badge!


See you all Tuesday for the next exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!


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