Mid-Week Blues-Buster… We’re Done

Since it appears that we’ve lost both just about everyone we started this journey with as well as most of the great writers who had been turning up here lately, we at the MWBB have decided that we’ve had enough.

Thank you to everyone who ever dropped by to bleed ink with us over the last three years. I wish you all the best in your future writing endeavours.

As the great Stan Lee is wont to say… ‘Nuff said.

Over and out.


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  1. Although I never officially participated (used the prompts sometimes but broke the rules–always provided a link-back to the post) I’m sorry to see you go. I think the kind of blogging that some of us old-timers are used to isn’t as popular any more. I don’t really know what’s taken its place, to be honest. Best of luck in your writing pursuits!


  2. Thank you for a wonderful ride. I enjoyed your choice in music, even if I rarely came up with anything to go with it. Hope to see you again!


  3. Pattyann McCarthy

    Thanks Jeff for a great space to flex our muscles, and I’m sorry to see this ride end. I know I haven’t shown up for the last month or so, but major family issues needed tended to and I wrote when I could, which hasn’t been much as late. Loved your choice of prompts and I had a blast. Best Wishes in all your endeavors and hope to see ya round!


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