“Dead Rain” – a Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest Entry

“Dead Rain” 

A Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest Entry


“I don’t believe in any of it,” growled Cragg.

“Sure you don’t,” replied the Bogey. “That’s why you’re on the mountain, at midnight, in the worst lightning storm this summer.”

Said lightning showed over the treetops and for half a second he saw the Bogey– a small, flitting shadow– by his shoulder.

Cragg’s grumbling faded into a smile. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed the mountain. He hadn’t been since… well, since.

The smile died.

“Why are we here again? In the rain?”

“You’ll see,” it answered. “This is a Dead Rain. Very rare.”

“A what?”

“You’ll see.”

They made it to a clearing near the top of the mountain. The rain slackened and the wind stirred the clouds enough to admit moonlight.

Drops of rainwater fell from the trees, landing with exaggerated crashes in the underbrush.

“Look!” shouted the Bogey.

A gray, shrouded form appeared in the clearing.

“It’s just a damned haint!” he groused.

Things went quiet for a bit, then the damned haint spoke.

“Just a damned haint?” it demanded.

That voice. Her voice. How?

“Delia?” he choked out.

“Who else did you expect?”

He blinked the rain out of his eyes and took a good look at the haint that spoke with his dead wife’s voice.

“I didn’t expect… anything,” he said.

“Well, hmmph,” it answered.

“Delia,” he said. “It’s really you.”

He felt the bogey’s presence nearby.

“It’s really her,” he told it.

He tried to rush words out of his mouth, words he never thought he’d have the chance to say again.

“Shut it, Cragg,” hollered Delia. “Save it for the next time you see me.”

He shut it.

“I’m dead,” she said, “not you. Quit livin’ like a corpse and move on! Have fun. Fall in love. Whatever. I won’t mind.”

“Oh, Delia,” he said, trembling. “You don’t know…”

“Yes I do,” she shot back, “and seein’ you alive and happy makes it easier. That’s what love’s all about.”

The clouds moved back in front of the moon.

“We’ll be together soon enough,” she continued. “Until then? You gotta live, Cragg!

And then she was gone.

Thunder shook the mountain but it was her words that rang in his ears.

Rain fell anew, washing the tears from his cheeks.

“Ready to go home?” asked the Bogey.

“Not just yet,” he said. “I do love it up here, even in a Dead Rain.”

(400 words)


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