Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 3.05

All righty then…

Week 3.05 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

Judge Cara Michaels-Carey had only five entries to contend with this week. She dispensed with the small talk and got right to the decisons;

1st place: Miranda Kate – This insider’s view of rehab and what it means to her ends on a harrowing note. Where some might see a fresh start, she sees only the road ahead she’ll walk again.

Honorable mentions:

Jeff Hollar – Love this “biting” commentary on a domesticated vampire society.

Ruth Long – I wondered what sort of sacrifice Ian would make, and wasn’t disappointed. He took a huge hit for his brother.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Miranda – here’s another badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Cara Michaels-Carey.

See you on Tuesday…


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