Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 3.04

Welcome to the Mid-Week Blues-Buster Flash Fiction Challenge, Year 3, Week 4.

This is a flash fiction challenge. The prompt is a song. You are not required to write about or even mention the song. It’s there only to get the ideas moving around in your brain pan. If you want to write about the song (or the video- it’s all good here) go for it but don’t feel like you have to.

The rules;
500 words, but it’s a slushy 500, meaning you can go up to 700 or as low as 300.
Post your entry right in the comments section of this post.


The challenge starts whenever I post this on Tuesday and ends at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME on Friday. You read that right. Pacific Time.

This week’s song prompt in inspired by the silver screen and comes from the soundtrack to one of my favorite horror flicks.

The artist is… David Bowie. The tune is… “Cat People”.

Here’s the link; https://youtu.be/VpdHMaccjw4

This week’s Judge is another first timer with us here at the MWBB. Say hello to author, editor, and confirmed lover of the dark… Louisa Bacio!

The challenge opens the moment you read this post and runs through MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME on Friday June 26th.

Now… Go write!!!


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  1. angietrafford



    There was no other way to describe the feelings running around inside her head. She knew exactly what it was that she wanted and she was going to stop at nothing. You could see the sweat dripping down her body as she contemplated the act in front of her. There were a certain amount of nerves tingling through her system because she had not done this before.
    Well, there was a first time for everything.

    She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was surprised by her own appearance. She almost looked like she did on every other day. The only difference was in her eyes, which were wider than they were before. Wider and greener. She was certainly impressed by the illusion that make up could perform on her skin. Those eyes almost looked like they belonged in an anime cartoon, or maybe on a cat.

    Yes, that is what she looked like. A cat that was going to sneak in somewhere unseen, as well as unheard. She stroked her clothing, fingers easily slide over the silky material. She could have purred at the sensation that the simple movement sent up her arms.

    This creature of the night thing was really starting to suit her.

    One final glance in the mirror to hold her that it was time to put her plans into action. She padded from the room as silently as she could. There was no way that she wanted to be discovered this early on. She crept onwards towards her target. She bounded a doorway and stared towards her prize.

    Mine, all mine.

    She bit her lip in anticipation of what was to come. Her fingers were shaking as they reached to pull open the doorway that separated her from her chosen subject. She had worked so hard in deciding what choice to make, and right now it was about to become a reality.

    Those green eyes appeared to flash red as a new source of light ran across them. Those questing fingers reached to grab hold of her target. She just stood gazing at it for a long time before she opened her mouth to receive it.

    Savour it.

    There was no stopping her now as she greedily took as much into her mouth as she could. She sank to her knees on the cold floor with a moan of delight.

    Damn, those midnight cakes were the best. Why had she never tried this before?

    Word count: 410


  2. Sanctuary

    The Grease Reader pulled the silky purple curtain back to receive the last hopeful into the reading room. He was anxious to join the welcome party, to see the very few newcomers with less severe scrutiny, and to relax after this hard season of recruitment was finished.

    “Alejandra Chavez?” Reader asked the woman.

    The woman nodded and walked toward him. She wore a black dress with spiky red heels. She pushed her dark hair back from her shoulders in passing and her lemony-rose scent intoxicated him. Her hair, with subtle long curls, beguiled him as he watched it swish back and forth over the small of her back as she walked. She stopped in front of the ceremonial table and carefully poured the drippings of grease from the small ceramic bowl into the bottom of the over-sized black pot. She looked over her shoulder to Reader, who was still holding the curtain open. He smiled at his absent-mindedness and dropped the curtain. Their eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness and she dropped one of the clean white papers into the pot and took a seat at the table.

    Reader was surprised at this draw he had toward the woman, Alejandra. He felt mesmerized by her body and her scent and her blue eyes. He walked past her and around to the backside of the grease pot and looked at Alejandra sitting at the table. He reminded himself that it was his duty to be impartial, to be scrutinizing- for the emotional safety and betterment of their carefully woven community- for his fellow Cat People. Her hair fell forward, covering her arm and partially hiding the cleavage that beckoned to him from the tight fabric of her dress. The light above her swung slightly back and forth from the shifting weights of the people dancing in the Welcome Party above them. The beat of the music throbbed in the air.

    He looked away, closed his eyes, and prepared his mind for the task at hand. While she was desirable, this should mean nothing if she was not one of them. He carefully lifted her paper from the bottom of the pot and held it up toward the bare bulb to read the shapes. Alejandra looked on patiently. There! The feminine sleek curves of a cat were clear in the grease mark. Reader’s breath grew deeper with anticipation. But, unmistakably, the head was rounder, looking more like a deformed head of a monkey than of a pointy-eared playful cat.

    Never before had there been a reading of such polarity. It signaled inner turmoil and a conflict of interests between Alejandra and the sanctuary. What mischievous, perhaps devious, thoughts could her mind conceive? She would have to be released. He felt drawn to her, nevertheless. Drawn to her beauty, her mystery. She would mean the end of the sanctuary as he knew it, but for better or worse?

    Reader could not stop staring at Alejandra. He drew nearer to her and put his hand on the side of her face, tucking his hands into the soft black mane of her hair. He felt his hands slip over her smooth shoulders and down her strong, sleek arms to her hands. Alejandra stood up next to Reader, a slight smile on her glistening lips. His hands rested around her waist, wanting with everything in his body to say yes to everything she was, for her new ways of thinking to transform their community and his life. He drew in a sharp breath and shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he said, and released his hands from her and stepped back. She raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth to speak. He held up his hand. “No. It is better that you go now. Without a word.” She glanced at the paper that had held her fate, and then back at Reader. Her face hardened with acceptance before she turned and walked away. She swept back the curtain and disappeared behind it. Reader watched the curtain sway, knowing he would always wonder what rapturous moments a traitorous “yes” would have given him.

    Word Count: 689

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  3. Pride Goeth Before

    Adam stood watching his wife of three hours glower at him.

    The fire between them hadn’t so much died as transformed. The flames that had burned so hot had turned to something so cold that the space between them like was an arctic wasteland.

    When Ellen looked at him he felt something between desire and terror that left him so weak he could barely move.

    When he’d first proposed, she had told him it was better that they just live together, that there was no need for them to be bound one to the other.

    That should have been his first warning.

    Who talks like that?

    When he proposed the second time she had just laughed and told him that ‘her people’ didn’t view marriage the same way he did.

    ‘Her people.’ That should have been the clue that stopped him, but no… he’d had to propose a third time.

    When she said “Thrice said, and done,” he should have run and never looked back.

    Looking back was easy now. Now he could see all the clues that he’d shoved out of the side without bothering to look… and now…

    Now he was in a very cold room, and the only thing keeping her from him was the stark cold flame that gave him no comfort. It did, however, give him a fighting chance.

    “We could have it annulled,” he told her in an even voice.

    “Annulled?” Ellen asked in disbelief. “After everything my family went through to get here?

    After you insisted that we ‘tie the knot’. It’s way too late for that, dear.”

    He could hang icicles on the tone in her voice.

    “It was a thought,” he said slowly.

    “It was a bad one,” she assured him as she inched closer. “Its like inviting someone to a six course gourmet meal and then giving them a coupon for McDonalds… it isn’t done in polite company.”

    “I think we’re way past polite here.”

    “I’m glad you agree.”

    Adam shook his head, he knew he was only going to get one chance. “No, we don’t agree…”

    “Did you ever love me?”

    “I…” he paused. He did love her, he just didn’t like what ‘her people’ believed should be part of their… consummation.

    “Your problem is, now you see what I was trying to avoid… and now… you don’t want me…”

    He nodded. “No, I…”

    She rolled her eyes. “Adam, it’s not like we’re Mantids and they want me to bite your head off… we’re cat people…”

    “Ellen, I want you… I wouldn’t have asked you to marry me if I didn’t… but… but what you want…”

    “I want YOU,” she hissed. “Is that so hard to accept?”

    “That, no… I want you too… but nobody else. Just you…”

    She paused blinking, the temperature in the room seemed to warm slightly.

    Adam nodded. “I want you, and only you… you… and your sisters is NOT on the table for discussion. I don’t want a pride. I want you.”

    He watched as a smile blossomed on her face and he basked in the warmth of its glow.
    “You, should have said so in the first place.”

    525 words (title not included)


  4. World Domination

    The world nearly ended on a Tuesday. That surprised Amanda who was sure that if the world was going to end it would happen on a Monday because nobody actually liked a Monday. It was the shitty start to the week. The day that if anything was going to go wrong it would be on that day.
    The fact was if you got through that day without seriously maiming or killing someone with a spoon it was considered a win. Amanda ended up in a club with her mates. They drank the cocktails with the silly umbrellas in them the names got steady more unpronounceable as the night went on.
    Dancing might have been involved, which should have been the first sign that the apocalypse was impending. Why had she chosen to wear heels? And why was it as the night got later she resembled a new-born baby calf in them? Not that she thought that at the time. Oh No, it was more of a case of, damn I’m sexy, watch me swing my hips like Beyoncé…Why is that man laughing at me?
    Amanda rolled onto her side and groaned as light assaulted her eyes with all the gentleness of a baseball bat to the back of the knees. Every muscle hurt. Hell, even her bones felt bruised. She pulled her duvet over her head. I swear I will never drink again. Nay a sip of a slippery nipple will pass these lips. She threw the pray up to whatever god or goddess who happened to take pity on a twenty something who really should know better. God, I hope I didn’t do anything too embarrassing last night. She feebly hit the other side of the bed to find it blissfully empty,
    Then why did it feel like something was watching her?
    Damn, she really didn’t want to move but that feeling lingered. With all the strength of a new-born and the grace of a heavily hungover troll, Amanda tugged down her bedsheets and rolled onto her other side.
    Midnight, her cat watched her with deep blue eyes which held barely concealed disgusted.
    Wonderful, she was being judged by a cat.
    “Good Morning to you Sunshine,”
    Midnight whipped her tail and jumped up onto a wooden shelf before turning to face her. “You really are a headache of a human being,” Her voice vaguely reminded Amanda of Helen Mirren, strange.
    Amanda frowned. “Wonderful I’ve finally caused enough brain damage that I’m imagining my cat talking.”
    Midnight scowled down at her. “I’m going to say this very slowly, I know how slow you can be with a hangover. Me and the rest of my kind are taking over the world. Frankly we could run it better blindfolded with one paw tied behind our backs.”
    Suddenly everything made sense. That look of disgust that most cats sported. The way they stood just behind a person poised to trip someone else but every evil villain had a weakness. Amanda rolled back onto her other side and closed her eyes. “Wake me up after the apocalypse please.”
    There was a lengthy pause, Midnight too shocked to say anything finally she snorted which nearly made Amanda break out into a fit of giggles. “I don’t think you’re talking this very seriously.”
    Amanda rolled to face her. “I’m not.” She reached out and scratched the spot just between her cat’s ears. The effect was instance. Midnight purred. “Maybe we can take over the world tomorrow.” She jumped off the shelf and curled up into a ball next to her.
    “That’s a shame. I was playing on getting fish tomorrow.”
    “Next week then.”
    “Good plan.”

    600 words


  5. They didn’t question him at the entrance, letting him take priority over the established queue, ignoring the protests of those at the front.

    He entered the foyer of the nightclub, handing off his coat to a waiting attendant who looked at him in awe. It had been a long time since they’d seen him here, but he hadn’t been forgotten.

    As he stepped through the double doors into the nightclub, Kennedy surveyed the dance floor from the first floor landing. It was busy tonight and in full swing, but he still managed to spot her out there; her hair flying out as her dance partner swung her round. He took in the dance partner, seeing the sleek, black hair, toned body and striking eyes, knowing it was her ‘type’. But he was back so this stand-in would be leaving shortly.

    Kennedy strode round the landing, ignoring the gasps and stares from the staff who rushed to make way for him and serve him a drink as he walked. He grabbed the glass and threw the liquid down his throat, thrusting it back in moments, swinging round the stair banister and making short work of his descent to the dance floor.

    She still hadn’t noticed his arrival even though everyone else had. Crowds parted to make way for him, knowing his destination. Even her partner stopped dancing on sight of him, stepping back and trying to melt into the people behind in the hope of getting away unscathed. Kennedy didn’t worry about him; he had people that would take care of that.

    It was only once he stood in front of her that she saw him and jolted to a stop mid swing. Unlike everyone else she was unfazed by his arrival seeming to have expected it. She simply stepped forwards, pressing her body up against his and turned her face up to him with a grin. He didn’t return it.

    “Aralia, where were you?”


    Her hands crawled up his sides. He grabbed her wrists and held her arms down.

    “You think you can just play me?”

    She opened her eyes wide as though innocent.

    “I haven’t been playing anyone. I got bored. You didn’t have time for me with all your businesses. I need attention and excitement.”

    He gripped her wrists tighter. “You can’t just up and leave me like that.”

    Aralia yanked her hands out of his. “Well apparently I can – and did!” She stepped back, rubbing her wrists.

    Kennedy glared at her. She returned the look.

    “Okay, have it your way then.”

    He stormed off the dance floor, and snapped his fingers at two of his men standing up on the landing. Each of them had a jerry can and they started unscrewing the lids as Kennedy climbed the stairs. They looked at him once more for affirmation and he nodded curtly as he joined them. They started showering the people below with the contents.

    Their protests could be heard over the music, but nobody understood what was happening until after the men retreated off the landing, and Kennedy pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. He flicked the zipper open in one movement, and swept it across the cigarette as he flung it below. The poof of the gasoline drawing a smile as he too made his exited, mumbling, “I’ll give you excitement.”

    577 Words


  6. Extinguishing the Flames

    “So, you are certain you want to walk down the aisle by yourself?”

    “Yes, Amy, I already told it to you a thousand times.”

    “Well, just as long as you are sure.”

    She turned around and left to attend to the flower arrangements. I am alone for the first time today. The bridesmaids are still fussing with the dresses inside. Cherishing this brief solitude, I look around and examine the arrangements. I had asked to be surrounded by jasmine bouquets. Jasmine — my absolute favorite flowers. Henry sometimes complains about my obsession with them because they wilt so quickly. It is about savoring the life’s little moments, I tell him. Jasmine flowers represent my idea of living life to the fullest, I say.

    We have been planning this day for a long time. Henry’s parents are as excited as we are about the wedding. It makes me happy, but it also reminds me that I don’t have my family to share this special day. My mom, may she rest in peace, would have been so proud of me watching me walk down the aisle. My eyes well up. I feel her kind eyes watching me and pleading for something. I think about my dad. Henry had implored me to have my dad present for the ceremony, but I had refused adamantly. He does not understand my reluctance. It is complicated, I keep telling him.

    My eyes scan the grounds, taking in the perfect vistas. At the far end of the lawn, I spot Henry’s parents walking towards the podium. Henry walks to greet them. They hug each other and then the ceremonial group hug. Henry is part of something bigger than him, he matters. I ache all over. I feel disconnected. I stand there bound in a spell. My eyes are moist. I sniff.

    The wafting sweet smell of jasmine enters my senses. I am in the sunny backyard of my childhood home. The wall is covered with Jasmine bushes. The blossoms shine like diamonds in the sun. Dad picks a large bloom and hands it to my mom. The grateful smile on her face is priceless. That was before the explosive fights; before Mom took me and left him to burn in his hellish fire.

    I need them here, now! If not both, then at least my dad! It’s time I stopped fighting fire with gasoline. I rush and pull out my phone and dial Dad’s number.

    411 words


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