Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.51 – The B.B. King Memorial Edition WINNERS

Okey then… the legacy of he recently departed blues great, B.B. King, garnered a whopping five entries.

Good thing we’re all about quality over quantity at the MWBB.

Judge Mona Bliss had some great stuff to read. Here are her decisions;

Three great B.B. King songs for inspiration this week. My hat is off to all our writers this week, so glad you showed up for some blues inspired writing.

With five entries we end up with one winner and one runner up.

Runner Up: Cara Michaels – Untitled I love this little scene. The two characters were clear and I immediately wanted to know why she couldn’t sleep, why they were in a hotel, why he would worry about her and when were they gonna get down to bizness. ‘Cause clearly there is some awesome sexual/emotional tension between them. Ultimately I was left wanting to read more…which is always a good thing.

Winner: Bullish – To Have And To Hold Such a wonderful view into how we struggle with these very human and mundane challenges and how we come up short day in and day out which isn’t remotely surprising. What’s so surprising is our capacity for love and compassion in the face of all those challenges and shortcomings. Made me smile.

Thanks for letting me judge.

Mazel tov to our Winners.

Welcome back to the Winner’s circle, Ruth. Here’s another badge for you;


Thanks to our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Mona Bliss.

See you on Tuesday for another thrilling episode of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster.

I’ll alert WordPress to prepare for the deluge of entries I’m sure will roll in…


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  1. Cara Michaels

    Woohoo! Thanks, Ms. Bliss for judging and Jeff for hosting. Congrats on the big win, Ruth!


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