Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.50 WINNERS

With five entries this week we’re clinging to the edge of relevance on the flash circuit here at the MWBB.

Still– I’ll take quality over quantity and we got five strong stories for Judge Mark Ethridge to sort out.

Here’s Judge Mark…

OK. Managed to reach some form of decision, using some process even I don’t understand. So. Here.

Five entries this week. All of them deserve a winner’s badge, but unfortunately, that’s now how this works. I’ve only got 2 awards. One winner, and one runner up. So, I get to be totally subjective, and random, and pick which stories get what.

@MissBliss – As I read, I found myself thinking, “Wow. I wish I could describe things anywhere near as well.” Phrases of the story stuck in my head, like, “I knew I’d feel my heart cracking into a mosaic of loss and despair.” Maybe in a century or two, I can learn to write such phrases. Just, wow. Love how you captured this moment in time, this calm before the storm.

@blurosemd – The joys of a family curse. Is it an illness? What’s up with the father? I can see the daughter making like Miss Marple, snooping around, looking for clues, trying not to get caught.

@harmony77uk – You leave me wondering if Danny will come back as a ghost and seek revenge for his wrongful death. It’s also a grand place to end the story. Where the bad guys win, and the hero dies.

@caramichaels – Ah, hell. Such a wonderful place. And it seems even hell has mysteries, and deals with searching for the truth. “This is Hell, kid. Nothing stays secret here.” What a line. Interesting personification of the Reaper. Like how the MC knows when the Reaper smiles, even though the Reaper is only a skeleton, and can’t smile.

@bullishink – That’s one prehistoric ‘gator. One old crone in the swamp. One mystery best left alone. And one human who can’t leave puzzles unsolved. Makes for some well crafted conversation. “There is a foul breath at my back,” indeed.

Thank all five of you for writing.

As for who I give the winner and runner up to. Well. That’s a tough one. After arguing with myself for a while, I have managed to come to some form of decisions. If I were to continue the arguments with myself, I might change my mind. But, for now, as I write this, here’s what I end up with.

Runner Up – @caramichaels – Because. Hell. What a concept.

Winner – @harmony77uk – Because. The bad guys win. And the MC dies. And that makes the story different.

Congrats to the winners. And if I could, I’d hand out awards to all five of you.

Mazel tov to our Winners.

Harmony– here’s a Winner’s Badge for you;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers and thanks to Judge Mark Ethridge…

Join us next week for something different here at the MWBB… Stay tuned for details…


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