Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.48 WINNERS

It was another low-turnout week here at the MWBB, but Judge Nick Johns still got the job done.

Here’s Nick, who chose one Winner and one Runner-Up;

MWBB 2.48

A dark song once more gives birth to a brood of suitably down and dirty, delinquent tales. If they were movies, they would be the bastard offspring of The Big Sleep and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thanks to all that took part! Purged- Susan O’Reilly This tale has an insistent, rhythmic tone. The device of using rhymes, sometimes even within sentences, is an interesting way of building an individual voice. There are a few typos that would benefit from a pre-submission proof. The end is stark, striking and strong; it also establishes the character’s motivation and brings the tale full circle.

Peace at Last – Lauren Greene A dark tale of bad gone worse. The juxtaposition of the child and the protagonist, contrasting the angelic references and the criminal’s death set up another aspect that I liked – the, to me, rather ambiguous ending of her final destination.

Club Night – Boyd Miles This is a strong opening paragraph. It both sets the scene and establishes the main character quickly. Some engaging details are included, such as the boyhood shoe shining. These give the tale extra depth and heft. The casual brutality of the attack followed by the abrupt change to the mundane greeting really gelled with the protagonist.

Betrayal – harmony77uk Another tale full f death and destruction – a Bonnie and Clyde with a twist in the tail. A nice opening line, with no fat in it. A few pre-submission typos have sneaked through. The penultimate paragraph is the strongest, with some nice imagery.

Walk on the Dark Side – Bullish A strong two-hander, driven by the dialogue, that gives us a feeling of the characters before they later identify themselves. This reads like an extract from a longer story and leaves us wanting to know what happens next to our dynamic nay, domestic duo.

So, my two awards this week:- Runner up – Bullish for Walk on the Dark Side Living up to the adage ‘always leave them wanting more’ this tale intrigued me and left me wanting to know more about these characters, and to meet the third member of their particular Scooby Gang.

Winner – Boyd Miles for Club Night All the elements of flash fiction are there; strong opening, location and character, and detail, all allied to a rounded tale with a satisfying ending (if brutal, casual murder can be called satisfying).



Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Boyd – here’s a Winner’s Badge for you;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Nick Johns.

See you on Tuesday…  Hopefully, a few more of you will show up to write with us!!!


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