Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.46 WINNERS


We ended up with six entries for Week 2.46– not a great turn-out but better than the last time Miranda Kate judged for us.

Here are Judge Miranda’s decisions;

Once again I have been given the opportunity to judge, and six of your came out for me this week. Despite an upbeat music tune, most of the stories were quite serious in tone, although a glance at the lyrics showed why. And everyone incorporated pieces from them, although along very different paths. All were interesting reads, but these were the ones that stood out:

Winner – Lisa Shambrook @LastKyrstallos This piece flowed so well. The story was complete and covered the full arc of beginning, middle and end – hard to do in such a short piece. The story pulled the reader in, held them and then revealed an unexpected horror, leaving them compelled to read on to find out what the MC does. Thoroughly enjoyable read, combined with great writing – that makes a winner!

Second Place – Alicia VanNoy Call @callthewriter I enjoyed this story; it was totally my kind of genre. I loved the tease about what was to come, a compelling trick urging the reader to read on and find out what how it plays out. Then a totally unexpected, unique horror storyline, delivered with a great ending that leaves the rest to the reader’s imagination. Nicely done.

Third Place – Mona Bliss @MissBliss There was a lot here I liked, although I felt the story was a piece of something much bigger and I was left with a lot of questions at the end. But up until that point I loved the description of waking up in a police station, and having no recall about the weekend, trying to piece it – very well done.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Lisa – here’s another Winner’s Badge for you;


Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Miranda Kate.

See you on Tuesday!


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  1. well done Miranda Kate, it is a touch gig being the judge. Keep up the good writing winners. 🙂


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