Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.45 WINNERS

We had a nice bounce-back week here at the MWBB, generating eight great entries for Judge Cara Michaels-Carey to consider.

Here’s Cara… with TWO Winners this week;

1st place: @LastKrystallos / Through the Glass Darkly – The sad, yet sweet, tale of Erin tugged at my heartstrings fiercely. The understanding that Erin is reliving old memories is gradual and beautiful. The understanding that she is <i>lost</i> in these memories, and has no true comprehension of where she is and why is heartbreaking.

2nd place: Lamora Coons / The Other – A creepy-sweet story of long distance voyeurism. Joyce living vicariously through “Other Joyce” is sad enough, but a rejected marriage proposal and end of a relationship for “Other Joyce” brings Joyce’s rather unhealthy obsession into sharp focus. The closing line of “You’ll never be alone” is at once supportive and terrifying.

Mazel tov to our Winners.

Lisa – here’s another Winner’s Badge for you;


By the way- we have Cara to thank for this nifty new Winner’s Badge!

Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Cara Michaels-Carey.

See you on Tuesday!


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