Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.41 WINNERS

Week 2.41 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster has come to a close…

Judge Theresa Johnson Miller had six stories to read. She had hard decisions to make, but make them she did. She also provided some really good commentary for all six entrants.

I’m going to shut up now & let Judge Theresa take it away…

First off, I really liked all of the entries. One of the reasons I took so long is I had to really work to pick winners.

First place: Gone by RL Ames

Second place: A Better Man by Mona Bliss

Third place: A Writer’s Conundrum by Lauren Greene

In Susan O’Reilly’s Mine, I could really feel the protagonist’s decent into obsession. I was also really impressed with her hitting exactly 500 words.

RL Ames’s Gone touched my heart. I loved the imagery and the flow of the words.

legreenne515’s A Writer’s Conundrum felt very real. The dialogue was vivid and believable. It felt like a glimpse into my own life, except the my husband doesn’t drink beer and not ALL of my stories are dark.

Mona Bliss’s A Better Man has some amazing lines. My favorite is “He was clearly trying to drink some misery into submission” followed by “get off the fucking cross. We need the wood to solve real problems.”

I loved the unexpected twist at the end of Paula Benanti’s unnamed story and would have liked a bit more.

I had fun with the juxtaposition between the macabre and the cute in Lori Fetters Lopez’s Last Rabbit Standing. I loved that the culprit was Harvey the invisible rabbit.

Thank you to everyone who submitted. I really enjoyed reading your stories. I hope you all keep submitting.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

RL Ames– here’s a Winner’s Badge for you;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Theresa Johnson Miller for a job well done.

See you on Tuesday!!!


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