Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.33 WINNERS

Four days, five entries. Not too shabby.

I’d like to welcome several first-timers to the MWBB family. We managed five entries with nary a peep from any of our usual suspects.

Judge Mark Ethridge had good stuff to read.

Here’s Judge Mark;

And, here’s the results, as I felt them.

And, here I go, reading the five stories this week.

@susanORielly3 – Ah. Women. More dangerous than men any day.

@StacyFileccia – The short memories of children are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?

@RL_Ames – One unpleasant male with a shovel, a car, and a now ex-girlfriend. And no guilt at all.

@beckyfyfe – One mother outsmarts her two daughters. Once more. Women. More dangerous than men any day.

@alexbrightsmith – Sometimes, a guy has to learn things the hard way, doesn’t he?

Five well done stories, all of them winning. So, we’re changing the rules this week, so everyones stories get the recognition they deserve.

Honorable Mentions – These go to @StacyFileccia (I wanted more of the children, more of the misery, more of the bleak summer, and more of the dancing in the rain.) and @RL_Ames (724 words, oops. Otherwise, one rather nasty dude in this story.).

3rd Place – @alexbrightsmith (Love the story. Just felt like I was missing some detail somewhere).

2nd Place – @susanORielly3 (Wanted more detail in what the former girlfriend did in retaliation. Is it a dead body thing?)

And 1st Place – @beckyfyfe (The wisdom of motherhood, and the magic ability mothers have to change everything).

There you have it guys. No one lost this week. Thank you all for writing stories I had such fun reading.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Becky– here’s a Winner’s Badge for your collection.


Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Mark Ethridge.

See you on Tuesday…


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