Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.29 WINNERS

We had a big week (for us) here at the MWBB.

Eight writers entered the challenge, providing some terrific reading for Judge Mark Ethridge.

Here’s Mark…

Thanks for all the stories this week. I enjoyed reading them, and letting them cook in my brain cells overnight on Saturday. Now, that she’s finally gotten home, I’m able to write the results. These are purely subjective. After all, what has picking a best story got to do with objectivity? It’s all about how the story makes me feel, how it makes me react, how it makes me think.

@susanoreilly3 – Interesting little tale of a nasty guy and karma.

@MissBliss – Wow! Love the internal and external dialog of this.

@ScotsJamaican – Grows on me each time I read it.

@ashviper – Cecilia finally took care of the problem she had all her life.

@Lizzie_Koch – Aww. The hero gets the girl.

@zevonesque – The realism in this piece, the wounded nature of the character. Well expressed.

@FallIntoFiction – A glimpse into a different realm, with different ways of doing things.

@PurpleQueenNL – Oh, my. A fairy tale.

As per direction, I’ve picked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. So, here goes. As i said, this is subjective, and the results would likely be different for anyone else reading the same stories.

3rd place – @ScotsJamaican – Like I said. Grows on me each time I read it.

2nd place – @ashviper – Love tales when karma is served cold, and dark, and someone gets what they deserve.

1st place – @MissBliss – Like I said, the dialog, internal and external, grabbed my attention, and did not let go. Makes me want to read a lot more of this apocalyptic tale.

And there you have it, gang. Big cheers for all eight entries. Keep the stories coming. It’s great to see people being creative, bringing characters and worlds to life in a few hundred words.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Mona, here’s another Winner’s Badge for you.


Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Mark Ethridge.

See you all on Tuesday…

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