Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.24 WINNERS

Light turnout for the MWBB this week, but Judge Eric Martell showed up anyway & got the job done.

So speaketh Judge Eric;

Four stories this week, each one so different from the others it was hard to see how they could have all come from the same song. Muses sure come in all kinds!

Thanks to each of you for writing. To the stories:

“Talkin’ Blues: A Tribute” – Josh Bertetta: Josh decided to play up the blues aspect of the song by appropriating lines from more blues songs than I could count. (The teacher in me suppressed the request for a citations page.) A well-woven tale integrating that many sources is an accomplishment. I did notice a couple of homophone mistakes that pulled me out of the story.

Untitled – Jessica Maybury: I really liked the feel of this one, and I wanted to know more about the narrator and his emigration from LA to Rush. I also wanted to know more about his night with Ruby. With almost 250 words left to work with, it felt like the start of something, but incomplete, even for flash.

“Geis” – Josie Beaudoin: A fascinating story about a man cursed for what he’d done to one woman to live, if not quite forever, a very long time. And then he runs into the possible answer to what would have to be the hope of anyone stuck living so long. Minor editing point: I think the last line would have held more power without the ellipses at the end.

“My Name Is Rosaline Evangeline Ophelia Carter” – Mona Bliss: I felt like I knew a lot about the town Ms Carter grew up in, and it wasn’t hard to feel for a forlorn woman who blamed herself – and came to punish herself – for an unfortunate string of picking the wrong men. Nice job of worldbuilding.

Because there were only four stories this week, I’m just going to pick one winner. I enjoyed reading them all, though, and thanks for writing them. Winner: “My Name Is Rosaline Evangeline Ophelia Carter” – Mona Bliss.

Fair enough, Judge Eric.
Mazel tov, Mona. Here’s another Winner’s Badge for you;

Thanks to all of our readers and writers, and thanks to Judge Eric Martell.
I hope to see a few more of you next week….


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