Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.21 WINNERS

Sorry for the delay in posting.. technical difficulties & all that…

Anyway, Judge Ruth Long did the job & did it well.
So speaketh Judge Ruth;

Six strong stories! So hard to choose top picks. That’s a terrific problem to have.

Jim Locket – The Ballad of Frogtown

Such a fun read and great word play.

Cecilla – Last Man Standing

Beautifully lyrical and powerful.

Alan Young – My Eyes; My Mai Tai

Hilarious read and killer closing lines.

Alex Brightsmith – Tyja

So much tantalizing world and character packed into this.

Mona Bliss – Patti Smith’s Shoes

Puking on Patti’s shoes – enough said.

Eric Martell – Jimmy Fuckin’ McKinley

Great vernacular and nostalgia!

Again, all great stories but now I’m down to the picks. Gah!

Third Place – Alan Young – My Eyes; My Mai Tai

The unexpectedness of a story that focused mostly on snot done with style, wit, and a great last line.

Second Place – Eric Martell – Jimmy Fuckin’ McKinley

A story that gives us a peek into the possible backstory of the song was tons of fun and so well done.

First Place -Mona Bliss – Patti Smith’s Shoes

This piece mimicked the building tension and story of the song and had me both in suspense and laughing out loud.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.
Bliss – here’s another Winner’s Badge for you;

Thanks to all of our readers & writers and thanks to Judge Ruth Long…

See you on Tuesday…


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