Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.20 WINNERS

And thus ends Week 2.20 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster.

Judge Sami-Jo Cairns had some great stuff to read and some hard decisions to make.

Here’s Judge Sami-Jo;

#1. Lisa Shambrook Lisa’s entry was wonderfully detailed, creating near tangible imagery. I enjoyed this from Harry’s perspective. To hear his thoughts, feel the sand beneath his feet, the calm ocean around him while at war with his aggression, to know that the party is beach bound and far enough away to grant solitude. I also enjoyed that he got what he wanted, her forgiveness, her touch, before the struggle began and his joy turns to panic. And she knows. Knows he’s out there reaping what he sowed and that even her new squeeze is unaware. Angelique is a sultry soul with a ‘take no shit’ attitude I want to squeeze her for. This story makes me want more in the best way. Has she done this before? She seems adept at creating her voodoo dolls and moving on in the embrace of another. What else can she do? What did they fight about? And then for my own macabre reasons, who found Harry? Did anyone find him? Did the ocean keep him and Angelique’s secret? Again…wonderful job Lisa. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

#2. Mysoulstears From the beginning, a sense of excitement cocooned this piece. Jennifer’s thrill reached beyond the screen even if I didn’t know what accelerated her pulse, the hairpin a clue without context. The scene set with detail, creating a stage of seduction, willingness, and fun anyone would opt for. Building tension brought with it the sense that not all parties were hip to the reason behind their late night excursion, and this was dragged out beautifully and just enough to keep me hooked. The brutality of his demise was surprising. The hair pins role in play and her lovers end so quick I nearly felt sorry for him. Until we return to the shower and Wrath is at her shadow with thanks for her good work. I enjoyed the lover was allowed his last ecstasy before it was ripped away, that his death was more than her glory, that he was a mission, a checked box in a list of deserving bastards. I especially loved her enjoyment. This may have been someone else’s mission, but no one said a woman had to surpass her own pleasure to accomplish such a task. Again, always questions. How did Wrath find her to do his bidding? How many had she already killed for him? How many more? Does she ever get caught? Great piece, Mysoulstears.

#3. Monabliss Not all vengeance plots have to result in death. Saltwater and Blood was a perfect example of how sometimes it is worthwhile to watch the deserving squirm. To take something from the person they may never get back, to take it within your own power and leave them a weak husk of their former self. Family can be a greater enemy than any stranger, and Benedict proved he earned the binding of his powers. I enjoyed the banter between the main character, Benedict, and Sean, even if Benedict had no lines. His reactions said everything. I also enjoyed the little walkthrough the ritual, and the explanations and role behind each item of the ritual. This piece was as satisfying as it was entertaining. It too made me ask questions. I wanted to know more about what Benedict did to the wolf pack and the damage they caused while under Benedict’s spell. Why would he kidnap his sister? What happened after the ritual? Did he attempt to take his sister out without the use of powers? I see a whole novel behind this scene and would love more.

As it may seem, I didn’t take the lazy way out and choose the first 3 entries for convenience sake. I enjoyed the opportunity to judge this week, though not so much leaving the others out of podium placement. Each story made me want more. Each had their own twist on the prompt and showcased creativity and a love for fiction. Any story that evokes questions is one I’ll keep in my memory bank. Thank you again to Jeff for the experience and to everyone for participating. I may even step in and try my hand at entering in the future. Toodles folks.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.
Lisa- here’s another Winner’s Badge for you;

Thanks to all of our readers and writers, and thanks to Judge Sami-Jo Cairns.

See you on Tuesday….


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