Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.17 WINNERS

Week 2.17 is in the books…
This will mark the final MWBB for the immediate future. I’m freezing the MWBB in carbonite & hanging it on Jabba’s wall until… who knows?
Thanks to everyone who made this a fun ride…

Here are Judge Nick Johns’ decisions…

With the holiday season in full swing, another low turnout, but some really interesting writing for me to peruse! In view of the song of the week, these were all road tales of one kind or another, but varied in their approach.
@kingsleycw13 wrote a dark, brooding soliloquy in a voice as world-weary and down trodden as you could wish to listen to. Good hints of a backstory and a sense of a man in trouble that was only going to get worse.
Miranda-Kate’s tale introduced us to another of life’s losers, a rootless, shiftless, self centred character whose chief preoccupation was the continuation (or not) of his relationship. It also continued the parade of losers as he got his comeuppance from an unexpected source.
Bryan’s MC Malcolm is another in this week’s parade of characters that are out of their depth but who don’t quite know how or why. We are also introduced to Felix, a far more dangerous inhabitant of our underworld. This story also has a distinct tone and sense of place.
Jim, like Miranda-Kate, brings us a switch story, that works well without ever describing the protagonists because the other details contained in the tale carry it along beautifully. The mood of the piece is deliciously brooding and develops almost cinematically.
So, to this week’s honours. In the finest traditions of the modern English education system – all shall have prizes! Winner this week – Jim Lockett Runner up – Miranda-Kate Third – Bryan Honourable mention – @kingsleycw13 Thanks guys, and well done!

Mazel tov to… everyone!
See you when I see you…


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  1. I love it, and will come fight to get it out of carbonation when the weather turns cold! Thanks Jeff. (oh and Nick for his judgments!)


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