Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.16 WINNERS

Low turnout this week at the Blues-Buster but Judge Miranda Kate had four excellent stories to read.
Let’s get right to it…
So speaketh Judge Miranda;

A low turn out this week – just four entries, but they all offered so much. Quite a variety on the theme, all with a little bit of mysterious. Due to there being only four everyone gets a mention.
First place – and overall Winner is

    Mark Ethridge

– @Lurchmunster This appealed to me through its genre; a perfect dark tale. The horror is in the objective and detached way the MC goes about making his ‘art’ and the fact we are left with knowing it won’t be the last leaves the final chill. Beautifully executed in the writing, with glimpses of the MC’s disturbed mindset and even background – even a bit of Norman Bates and his mum with the photo, there was nothing I didn’t like about this piece.
Second place goes to

    Catherine Connolly

– @fallintofiction Initially thrown by the name Seth being used for a female, I was totally drawn in and intrigued by the box, and the idea of all those people lost in it – the ultimate magician’s trick. And then the end with its bitter revenge – nicely done.
Third place goes to

    Jim Lockett

The atmosphere of this piece matched the song well, and I liked the vibe, and the twist on religion and drugs, and the idea of Lucifer taking the eternal flame away, but subduing them with a superior drug – pacifying the masses. I liked the intrigue and how it story played on the lyrics.
Honourable Mention goes to

    Jenn Monty

@BrewedBohemian An interesting tale of attraction, murder, with an added paranormal edge of summoning demons. The atmosphere of the bar came across well, and the end offered intrigue. I felt like this was a piece in something much bigger.

Mazel tov to… everyone!

Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Miranda.
See you on Tuesday…


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