Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.14 WINNERS

Week 2.14 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster produced some fine writing… as always. I wish the number of entries was higher but those of you who choose to write for this challenge do a tremendous job with it.

Judge Bryan Taylor had a tough job.

So speaketh Judge Bryan;

There were several different spins on the way that breakups can go, and the consequences after, in the stories this week. As always, plenty of fine writing makes it very difficult to choose.

First Place: Lisa Shambrook’s Broken Up. Very evocative description of the alcohol taking effect. Nice how the police arrival slowly worked it’s way into the scene. The twist at the end was quite an unusual addition as well.

Second Place: Jim Lockett’s Untitled story. Nice twist at the end, and a good lesson to be careful about “forever”. Definitely an interesting bar with a lot more secrets to share in a longer story.

Third Place: mysoulstears’ Untitled story. Very lovely look back at the past and the balance between past habits and ideals of better situations. Also, it’s nice that the main character’s gender is never stated, but I found myself picking up a surprising direction. The description of people watching is quite amusing and very “nature channel”.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Lisa- here’s the Winner’s Badge;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Bryan Taylor.

I hope to see you on Tuesday for another edition of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster.



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