Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.9 WINNERS

Week 2.9 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster has come to a close…

We had a moderate turnout this week as far as number of entries but we were treated to some fine writing, nonetheless.

Judge Danielle Young was on the job. Here are her decisions;

First I want to thank Jeff for letting me judge this great contest! I love writing for this and loved judging. All the posts were great, but alas there can only be big winner.
The Roxy by Miranda Kate-This was a fun story all about that great first love. It was a sweet tale and brought me back to a time when things seemed more simple.
The Party by @MissBliss- I was instantly drawn to this story and felt the fun vibe. I could feel the music and excitement through the words. A great fit to the song.
And finally 1st place!
As Red As Her Lips by @chinchinunicorn- This story of love from afar was both sweet and sad and struck a nerve with my romantic heart. It was vivid and the perfect beginning for what could be a great story!\
Congrats to all of our winners.
@chinchinunicorn- here is the Winner’s Badge;
Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Danielle Young…
See you all on Tuesday for another thrilling episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster…

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  1. Well done everyone and congratulations winners for more great stories out in the world. Thanks Danielle Young good job.


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