Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.6 WINNERS

Year Two, Week 6 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books… and it was another good one.

We had a great turnout for Judge Siobhan Muir… Here are her decisions;

Third Place: Lizzie Koch / @Lizzie_Koch I loved the story about dancing in the dark and how she led us to believe it was only the lights being off as to the reason she didn’t see him. But the lovely twist at the end showing us she’s blind – ah, the sweetness of hope and love despite her lack of sight. Warmed my romantic heart.

Second Place MT Decker / @mishmhem: In the Dark, a Choice Wow, so powerful. At first I thought it was a woman losing her lover/husband to another woman, but the twist of finding her fighting for his life, trying to convince him to stay with her nailed it for me. A deadly game and she’d only won the first round, but there’s hoped. Well done.

First Place Michelle / @Chelle87Fox Dance of the 12 Princesses I have a soft spot for the 12 Princesses, but the way the tale unfolded was wonderful. They’d been spellbound, like Percy Jackson in the Las Vegas casino with the Lotus Eaters, and if she showed she’d awakened, the day was lost. Awesome. But in the end, again, there is hope. Hope that the day can be saved and the deadly game can be won. I want to know what happens next and where the demons came from. Great tale.

Everyone had such different takes on the prompt and it was a delight to see where they’d go with it. Thanks again for having me judge.

Congrats to all of our Winners.

Michelle- here’s our Winner’s Badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers, and thanks to Judge Siobhan Muir for hanging out with us…

See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster…



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  1. Well done winners, more weaving of wonderful stories for the world to savour. whoot!


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