Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.5 WINNERS

So… we all dig Suzanne Vega, don’t we?

And since she favorited one of Ruth Long’s tweets about the challenge it appears that she digs us!

Anyway, Week 2.5 was a nice return to form for us here at the MWBB.

Judge Mark Ethridge had twelve entries to read… Here are his decisions;

Well, now. It seems Suzanne Vega’s little song, “Left of Center” pulled a lot of words out of people this week. Let me review who’s muses spoke about the song.

@Lizzie_Koch @MissBliss @disturbiakiss @Evermore_Evil @ScottsJamaican @violetgrendel @drmagoo @FallIntoFiction @PurpleQueenNL @bullishink @alexbrightsmith @BryantheTinker

12 entries! Wow!

Normally, I’d say something specific about each entry, but with 12, I’m going to keep things simpler.

Thank you, all 12 of you, for taking the time to write this week. I have read every word of every story. I have found each tale was well done, and presented its own little world very well, making the task of picking out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tales a grand challenge, and a very subjective, arbitrary process. Because, per directions, I can’t pick all 12 as being in 1st place. Sigh.

That said, here are my picks for the top three, from third place to first place.

3rd Place – @BryantheTinker for the little tale, “Watching From Between”. A tale of two worlds existing in the same place and time, one not aware of the other. Oh, the ideas this one elicits.

2nd Place – @FallIntoFiction’s tale “Centre”. A very Matrix like concept. I like the idea of inside and outside. Normal and aberrant. Controlled and free. Makes me think of the great masses of people being asleep to life, and the few being awake. A respectable start to a universe of ideas and stories.

And… (Insert drumroll here – Look, @bullishink! I’m learning! :))

1st Place – Evermore_Evil’s tale “Night People”. The story of Granger, no longer welcome in society, pushed into a world not his own, for whatever reason. Who doesn’t like a tale of change? Of someone starting live over? Nice to see Granger start to forget what was.

There you have it. My subjective, arbitrary top three. Read all 12 tales. You’re top three may vary.

Mark. (@LurchMunster)

Mazel Tov to all of our Winners.

Cory – Here’s the Winner’s Badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers & readers… and thanks to Judge Mark Ethridge for both his patience and his hard work.

I hope everyone turns out again Tuesday for Nina Simone and Judge Siobhan Muir…




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  1. Yay everyone, keep up the great work! Those of us not submitting need good stories to read. 🙂


  2. Terribly exciting! Thank you so much. All the entries were superb! 😀 Yay!


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