Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.1 WINNERS

The first week of our second year is in the books…

Judge Miranda Kate had some hard choices to make, but, as she’s never one to shrink from a challenge she got the job done.

Here are her decisions.

First place – and overall Winner – Cecilia @cc_lark This tale encapsulated all elements of both the song and the theme for me and the feel of the Irish and what it is like to be out drinking with them. The opening line was perfect with “He was an ugly little bastard but who looked at his face once he opened his mouth” summing up the lead singer exactly. And the essence of the Irish was conveyed in one line for me: “When they sing it is like a doorway into the world of Fey.” I could picture it all, the dancing and the seduction. Really enjoyable read.

Second place goes to Jim Lockett I was totally intrigued by this story; it left me wanting to know so much more, building enough about the character to keep you wanting to know more. Who was this man who knew how to stem blood flow from the brain, and no qualms about doing it? Why did things explode round him as a child? And why didn’t he know where he was and who the whore was, yet remain cool and collected the entire time? Jim was also able to encompass the song and feel of the band. It’s a good piece.

Third place goes to Mark Ethridge @LurchMunster Mark drew a different picture of drinking on St Patrick’s Day, and what it meant for some, particularly the elderly. I loved the term ‘took a train to Dublin’ and what it’s true meaning was. It was a nice concise story that flowed well, with engaging dialogue.

A hearty mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Cecila – here’s the Winner’s Badge for your collection;


Thanks to all of our writers and readers, and thanks to Judge Miranda Kate…

See you all on Tuesday…..





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  1. Oh wow. really. I am so excited. Thank you and congratulations everyone on being here and writing such terrific stories. Thank you Miranda Kate. I should print the winner badge and stick it on my front door.


  2. Congrats Cecilia, great story. Thanks to you and Miranda Kate for the kind words, I posted the 1300 word version on my blog, http://www.thehyenakitchen. blogspot.com but I’m afraid it does not address Miranda Kate’s question -perhaps the man’s background will come to light in something else, I’m curious too. Congrats to Mark also, taking the train to Dublin is a “prompt” all on it’s own. Great story.


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