Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 52 WINNERS

And thus Week 52 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster comes to a close. One year of blues-busting….

Judge Bryan Taylor presided over the challenge this week. Here are his decisions…

First Place: Unnamed by @drmagoo Really like this one, brings to mind the fear of togetherness bringing destruction, and leaping anyway. Also, very much like the imagery of love seeming like a whole new world, and even creating one literally. Very sweet and touching, and inspiring. The dialogue is full of gentle affection, and even the sacrifice one would make for their love, just so long as the memory of their face could go with them.
Second Place: Memoriam by @Snellopy Very interesting perspective on the song. Good description of the impatience of teenagers, and what a great reminder that tomorrow is never a guarantee. There’s a real sense of the lost wife in the activities of the day, and the bar scene is a great reveal of the essence of piece that’s only hinted at throughout the story.
Third Place: Good Enough by @bullishink Lovely exchange, and tasty little hints of a longer story. Excellent capture of the self destruction of bitterness, and the way it can try to toss something wonderful away. Could easily see this growing into a classic detective / urban fantasy piece. Dialogue is strong and definitely captures the essence of the song of the week.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners.

Eric, here’s the Winner’s Badge;


Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Bryan for a job well done.

See you on Tuesday!



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