Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 50 WINNERS

Week 50 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

Judge Leslie Fulton had a stack of fantastic entries to read. She had a tough job ahead of her and she did it well.

So speaketh Judge Leslie…

And I have my winners! First place: Lizzie Koch. This piece was well written and nicely paced. I wanted to learn more about the dancer’s motivation. I could feel the ex-boyfriend’s rising lust.

Second place: Miranda Kate. I loved the flow of this piece as well as the age-old sexual power struggle between men and women. Nicely done.

Third place: Ceridwen Wales. I liked the twist that lust is something not only felt by humans and that all of the senses are heightened. Wasn’t expecting the “enticing rip of skin”. That phrase made me sit up and go “hmmm … where is THIS going?”

Congrats to all of our Winners.

Lizzie – here’s the Winner’s Badge; Image

Thanks to all of our readers & writers, and thanks to Judge Leslie Fulton.

See you on Tuesday!



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