Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 41 WINNERS

…and just like that, Week 41 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

Judge Marisa Ames has spoken;

As I sat down and read the submissions, I was impressed by the sheer talent and the diversity of voice. Beautiful pieces, all of them. I found myself drawn to two factors: beautiful, flowing prose, and a deviation into the unexpected. If the author could pack more than one story into the piece, I was doubly impressed.

The song calls up the sorrow of a lost love. When authors took that lost love and moved past the sorrow, I was hooked. They told why the love was lost, or perhaps the explained that it never really was a love. Or they admitted that the love should never have happened, but it still left a hollow place. Or the narrator admitted that they had thrown the love away.

All of these factors combined created stunning pieces.

First place:

New @BrewedBohemian

Within three sentences, we know that this piece is packed with story. Within those three sentences, we’re wanting more. We want to know why Jan’s eyes burned, and anticipate that it hast to do with her heart. But as we’re thrown into a scene within a spaceship, we can’t dwell on her misery. We see Jan’s wonder and anticipation, her drive, as we feel her emotions. And we keep reading to wonder why. At the end, we know more of her heart’s story, and we anticipate the rest. Did her ambition steal away her love and her life? What did those blips indicate? Though we’re left with a cliffhanger, it’s satisfying.

Second Place:


This story was different from the start. “I held the postcard that was never written and never sent…” Those first few words drew me in as I wondered why. Then I read that she’d been killed, and in Russia. Different, again. Because it wasn’t a stereotypical story of tainted love, I continued on, intrigued. I then found out that it wasn’t truly a love story, at least not traditionally. It involved love, loss, and moving on, but without the standard romance that we would expect. Yet I don’t feel cheated by this; I feel fulfilled. I cheer for the narrator as he moves on.

Third Place:

A Lonely Place Miss Bliss

With poetic prose, this story tells of a poisoned love, the kind that inspires soap operas and Hollywood romances. The kind that people wish they could have… until they actually do. Many who read this piece recognize that love, perhaps even admit that they have lonely places in their hearts from those months or years of chaos. We connect to the narrator, and we feel what she feels. And, at the end, we acknowledge that she has moved on as we have. Or as we are trying to. Or as we intend to, someday.

Honorable Mention:

The Sultan’s Star @BryantheTinker

Different… this one was absolutely different. Diverging well away from the romantic theme, it brought you into a caper. You feel the glitz, the glamour. The intrigue begins a few paragraphs in. I really like the amount of story that is put in this piece, and how the cliffhanger at the end leaves you wondering… Who put that bloody feather there? Was it Max? Was he framed? This story lacked two things that I savored from the other winners: the poetic prose, and the double story. I would have liked to feel the intrigue at the first, as Max enters the bar and hears the lovers sing, instead of waiting until halfway through to feel it. Still, it’s a great start of a story that I would love to see expanded, since the small taste of it was delightful.

Mazel tov to all of our Winners & Writers.

Jenn– here’s the Winner’s Badge.


Thanks to all of our writers and readers… and thanks to Judge Marisa Ames.

See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!


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