Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 40 WINNERS

Ahoy, mateys.

Week 40 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

Judge Nick Johns did a thorough job for us… so let’s get to it!

  • Thanks everyone for another wide variety of tales and to both Jeff and Calexico for a great song prompt.

    Folly of the Follower by Charles W Short Love the sense of inevitability about the MC’s position and the circularity of his situation. It tied it nicely to the title.

    Untitled by Mark Etheridge The device of using the song as both a soundtrack to and a kind of justification for the argument was very original and the dialogue was great..

    Fool’s Gold by BryantheTinker A great, arresting opening and a solid ‘noir western’ tone to the tale. It had just the kind of morality tale inevitability that suited this story so well.

    Spill the Beans by Zevonesque A western tragedy. It was no wonder her never saw the end coming, his eyes were probably still watering from the atmosphere inside the cave!

    Nuggets by Ruth Long A strong, bitter, world weary protagonist with a mission and a man. Not a gal to cross!

    When by Kim Jorgensen Gane A well woven little fantasy tale with strong elements that led the reader along to a satisfying conclusion. A little confused by the use of a prompt from another challenge. I would like more of this story.

    Gold Dust by Ceridwen Wales I liked the way you captured the teen voice perfectly and the casual dismissiveness of the teenager. The biter bit!

    Manual Labor by Rebekah Postupak If this is this gal’s recipe for a drink, I’m glad I don’t have to eat her Christmas dinner! I loved both the character and the situation and wanted more of both.

    The winner is:- Fool’s Gold by @BryantheTinker. This man was doomed from the start, as the reader knew but the sense of seeing it unfold worked very well with the tone and style of the piece. Runner up:- Nuggets by @bullishink. This tale had a feel of a great rolling western saga that Sam Peckinpah could have directed. When you sell the movie rights, choosing a director is crucial.

    If Jeff is OK with that, I would like to award special Christmas honourable mentions to all participants! Happy Christmas and a prolific New Year!

    Mazel tov to all of our Winners & writers.

    Bryan, here’s the Winner’s Badge;


    Thanks to all of our writers, readers, & to Judge Nick Johns.

    See you all on Tuesday for another exciting edition of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!


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