Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 36

Welcome to the Mid-Week Blues-Buster Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 36.

This is a flash fiction challenge.  The prompt is a song.  You are not required to write about or even mention the song.  It’s there only to get the ideas moving around in your brain pan.  If you want to write about the song (or the video- it’s all good here) go for it but don’t feel like you have to.

The rules;

500 words, but it’s a slushy 500, meaning you can go up to 700 or as low as 300.

Post your entry right in the comments section of this post.


The challenge starts whenever I post this on Tuesday and ends at 4:30PM Pacific Time on Friday.  You read that right.  Pacific Time.

This week’s song prompt is a groovy little tune by The Black Keys.


The song is… “Howlin’ For You”.  Here’s the link; http://youtu.be/A3scl0fl0zE

This week’s Judge is… that funky California writer… Jules Vilmur!


That’s all from me.
The challenge is open from the moment you read this post until 4:30PM Pacific on Friday October 25th.
So go write!!!


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  2. Fangs & Bangs At The Rox

    Jake and Cecil weren’t your most conventional act but they did alright for themselves. They’d tried expanding before but it always seemed to come back to just two of them. A lot of clubs wanted a stage full of players but with just Jake’s drums and Cecil on his Gibson they put on a helluva lot better show and the take got split fewer ways. Besides, they brought something to the game most bands didn’t…paranormal pizazz. While that was, most definitely, not common knowledge they both knew it was what kept the dates rolling in.

    As vampires go, Jake was a bit on the reserved side. Barely 200, he was considered New Age and didn’t mind that. He’d have plenty of time to build a family, control territory, and rule but, hell, that could wait right? He was more than satisfied to stick to the background and use his enhanced speed and stamina to keep the beat for Cecil. When he was rollin’, there wasn’t a drummer in town who could match his sticks.

    Cecil was a natural front man. He was one of the rare breed of purebred Lycans and he was certainly unique in Jake’s experience. Cecil had the magnetism, the raw animal passion and drive but with none of the control issues. As a purebred, he and not the phases of the moon governed his inner wolf. He could strut, caper, slink and slide as the songs surged from his powerful throat and the natural picks his fingernails made danced across the strings of his guitar with a beauty even Santana would have envied.

    Tonight they were doing two shows at the Rox. They played there a lot, mostly because Rorey, the manager, had taken a shine to the fact they didn’t get shitfaced drunk and forget how to perform halfway through the night. He also wasn’t afraid to pay well for an act that brought the crowds in. Fangs & Bangs delivered on that score…every…single…time. Yeah, it was kinda a dumbass name but they didn’t really give a crap. It fit them just fine.

    It had been a good night all around. They had a nice flock of bimbos around the stage which always drew the single guys away from their tables and onto the dance floor. Meanwhile, the chicks that came there with companionship kept their men at their tables, drinking heavily and cussing about “faggot musicians”. As long as all they did was bitch and kept buying drinks, Fangs & Bangs were cool with it. There’d been a few nights they’d had to do a quick powder out the back or else. While that really griped Cecil’s wolven nature, Jake was always there to remind him no matter how unconventional they were for their respective kinds, nobody wanted the attention that would come of two scruffy rockers kicking the asses of a whole barful of dudes.

    With less than an hour to go to last call, Jake’s senses picked up on a vibe they did not need. As if on cue, Cecil missed a chord – Cecil never missed a chord unles…yeah…Jake spotted Emily working her way through the tight crowd to the stage front. Shit, that was all they needed. She had it bad for Cecil and damn if he wasn’t starting to sniff after her as well. This was, sure as hell, a complication they could do without. Chicks always dicked up a good thing. Jake winced as Cecil totally lost the riff he was on and barely recovered.

    Before Jake could rein his partner in, things got hinky fast! In her zeal to get to the front, Emily had pushed some blonde a bit harder than necessary and that got her man all worked up. He took up his woman’s defense and shoved Emily flat on her ass. Jake was fast…damned fast but he’d been sitting and Cecil was pissed! Stuffing his sticks into his back pocket, he leapt off the stage and into the crowd just as Cecil parted the boyfriend’s hair (and his skull) with the Gibson. Yeah, their nights at the Rox were done for, Jake grinned, as he bared his fangs and waded into the fray.

    700 words @klingorengi


  3. Shut Up

    Lucy swished her feet around in the turquoise water of Manatee Springs and rolled the icy cold bottle of beer on her forehead. She heard the crunch of foot steps behind her and then Greg sat down beside her and put his feet in the water too. She smiled without looking at him and reached into the cooler next to her, grabbed a beer and handed it to him.

    “I guess I should have known they’d send you.”

    “Well darlin’ when you don’t want to be found you’re pretty good at not being found, so they had to call in a professional.”

    She snorted a laugh, “A professional? How exactly does owning a strip club make you a professional at finding people.”

    “Oh I’m not a professional at finding people, I’m a professional at finding YOU. You I can find anywhere, comes in handy now and then.”

    Lucy grinned and bumped her shoulder with his, “True thing.” She dropped her head onto his shoulder, “Did I thank you? Lots of stuff is still blurry. I know I was a total bitch about it, but I don’t think I would have survived the shift if you hadn’t been there, so thanks.”

    Greg snaked his arm around her and pulled her in tight, “I’ll always be there for you Lucy.”

    Lucy could feel Greg looking at her. A frisson of electric excitement and fear rippled through her and she knew, in that way a woman knows, that if she looked up he would kiss her. She knew if that happened nothing would ever be the same again. So she chickened out and bumped him again in a friendly fashion and dove into the water. When she surfaced Greg was still sitting there with a sad smile on his face. It occurred to Lucy she didn’t want Greg to have a sad smile, deep inside her wolf whined in concern for him and irritation with her hesitation. Lucy’s human half was more cautious than her wolf. Still, she not only didn’t want Greg sad she wanted him happy and happy with her.

    Lucy splashed Greg then ducked away under the water. She popped up further away saying, “You can either get in or get splashed but you’re gonna get wet buddy.”

    Greg grinned, shook his head at her silliness and pulled his now soaking t-shirt off and dove in.

    The water was crystal clear so it was easy for Lucy to see him arrow through the water right for her legs but before she could do anything he had jerked her underwater and the battle was on. They splashed and dunked each other and laughed until they had to stop so they could catch their breath. The sad tension of the almost kiss gone, replaced with their usual joyful friendship. Lucy spun around in the water just as Greg surfaced and she reached over to push a piece of wet hair off his forehead and found she didn’t want to stop touching him. Greg looked a bit puzzled as Lucy’s fingers trailed down his face and she moved in closer to him, too close to confuse her intent.

    Gregs hands slid around her waist, “Lucy?”

    “Shut up ok?” Then she slid her arms around his neck and kissed him until they almost drowned.

    550 Words


  4. Friday night. And I was alone. In my car. Going to watch a movie. With no one. Going to eat a dinner somewhere. With no one. Going to lie on my bed, with my eyes open, staring at the ceiling all night. Again.

    That’s not how I wanted to spend my Friday night. I wanted to spend it with her. Take her to a movie she wanted to watch. I’d have even gone to watch one of those love story movies, if that’s what she’d wanted. I wouldn’t have cared what movie. I wouldn’t have seen the movie, or remembered it. I’d have seen her. I’d have talked with her. I’d have sat next to her. Maybe she’d have even held my hand.

    But she wasn’t with me. I’d picked a movie for me. Just like I did every Friday night. One movie after another. And I sat through it, wishing she was there.

    After the move I’d have taken her to dinner. A real restaurant. With sit down service. Not a pizza place. Not fast food. She liked Italian. So I’d have picked an Italian place. She’d sit across the table from me. We’d talk about the movie. And about work, and school, and our friends. I’d get to watch her again. See the way the light shined through her hair. See the way her hair caressed her neck and shoulders. I’d wish I could put my hands where her hair was, letting my fingertips trace the curves of her shoulders. I’d stare into her eyes, and forget everything. No studies. No projects. No deadlines. Nothing. I’d just stare into her soft blue eyes. And get lost. I’d talk about anything she wanted. For as long as she wanted. And we’d get a desert. And split it. Two spoons, one for each of us.

    Instead, I went to Taco Bell. A fast food burrito, and an absurdly big cup of Mountain Dew. I wolfed both down, and got out of there as quickly as I could. I’d learned. If I kept moving, I didn’t notice as much how she wasn’t there.

    After dinner, if she wanted, I’d drive to the ocean front. And we’d take a walk on the beach. She’d take off her shoes, and walk barefoot on the sand. And she’d hold my hand. Her graceful, delicate fingers laced through mine. Our palms pressed together. I wouldn’t even notice the ocean breeze, or the sounds of the waves. I wouldn’t even notice the other people there. All I’d see was her. All I’d feel was her hand, holding mine.

    Instead, I went home. To my room, shut the door, and turned off the lights. And I pulled aside my curtains, and looked out the window, into the dark. I stared at the stars, and the moon. I knew they were alone. So far from everyone, and everything. The stars couldn’t talk to each other. No one could visit them. Stars were isolated islands in an ocean larger than I could ever imagine. The stars were alone.

    Like me.

    Without her.

    I slept with the curtains open that night. Lying on my bed. Staring at the stars for hours. Until I passed out. I’d done good. I was proud of myself.

    I didn’t cry.

    546 Words


  5. Out of the Bottle
    by A J Walker

    On Friday night Susan and Natasha were in the Old Red Lion in Soho as usual. Susan was in one of her playful moods.

              Susan knocked Natasha’s elbow, ‘What do you reckon?’

              Natasha followed Susan’s eyes, ‘You’re an odd one Suze,’ she said giggling, ‘This place is full of attractive men and some look pretty well… well you know.’

              ‘Well off?’ Susan said.

              ‘Well, yeah,’ Natasha said, ‘May as well catch yourself a nice meal or two while you’re relatively young and pretty much single.’

              ‘Hey you know my feelings on that,’ Susan said, before draining her glass, ‘Anyway you know I like the quirky ones.’

              ‘You off then?’ said Natasha as Susan walked away from the bar towards the unsuspecting man.

              James looked taken aback as Susan barred his path towards the bar.

              ‘Excuse me, Miss,’ he said.

              ‘How very formal,’ Susan said, looking directly into James’ eyes, ‘Sir.’

              Susan was taken by his eyes. They were so intense. So unusual.

              James smiled, ‘I’m just going to the bar. May I get past please Miss.’

              ‘Why of course, in a while,’ she said holding out her hand, ‘Susan.’

              The next day she sent a short text to Natasha “His name is James and he’s an animal. I’m in lust. Think he is too. Not sure bout the size of his wallet but we aint been eating! Suze. x”

    James had been a good boy for several years. It had been tough to begin with, but his perseverance paid off. Keeping his head low. Locking himself away. A very good boy.

              His first night out for three years was to celebrate his birthday – and to test whether he could get out there again properly in public – without mishaps.

              He had a big dish of beef chow mien at Lee Ho Fuchs and then headed with not just a trace of trepidation to the Old Red Lion. He had reasoned a nice old Victorian pub should be much safer than a bar packed like an old cattle market. The reasoning was solid, but there was no accounting for Susan being there.

              She’d pounced on him. Pounced. On him!

              Susan was all over him. Loved his eyes, she’d said in the taxi back to his. When she was there it was evident the eyes were not that important as the lights were soon off. Although it had been three years he’d thought he hadn’t missed nights like these. But Susan had reawakened him. The animal within him.

              In the morning Susan made James a cooked breakfast which he wolfed down. He couldn’t remember when he last felt this alive, but he was also a little worried about where it may end.

              ‘Want to see me again?’ Susan said.

              ‘You want to?’ said James, trying to hide his excitement.

              ‘Oh yeah!’ Susan said as she knocked off a crumb of toast from her top lip.

              James looked at the shirt she was wearing, ‘That my shirt you’ve got on there?’

              ‘Err yep. Don’t you remember tearing off my blouse last night?’ Susan said holding up what was left of it.

              ‘Did I do that?’

              ‘Oh yeah. And that howling during our first… well, you know.’ Susan grinned. ‘Such an animal.’

              James realised he didn’t remember much from the night and it worried him – a little.

              Susan had let the genie out of the bottle – well the hairy-arsed werewolf.

    (566 words)


  6. At first I just sat there, staring into middle-distance as everything revolved around me. It was like someone had put the rest of the world on fast-forward but I was on pause. Sirens, smoke and the feeling of rainwater rushing through the gutter where I sat were all I could register. That was what first got me moving. Some basic instinct not to sit in the freezing cold, shitty run-off from the dual carriageway brought me to my feet. I stood there, swaying for what seemed like hours.

    Someone took my arm and led me out of the road. It was weird, seeing the world through this haze, a smog of consciousness, listening to everything with the volume turned down, floating underwater. I remember answering some questions while a paramedic looked me over, prodding my body, looking into my eyes.

    “The lights are on but nobody’s home.” Strobe lights turned the rainstorm electric blue, hurting my eyes with every pulse.

    The shape of a thought began to form in my mind and at first it was just a little annoying, like the feeling before you get an itch, the ghost of drunkenness before you’re really drunk, a pre-headache ache. It’s too late to do anything about it, the Universe tells you, but here, have this little preview anyway. Something was wrong, I’d forgotten to do something and it was slowly dawning on me that it was something very important.

    I found myself sitting in the back of an ambulance, I don’t remember getting there. I only knew the feeling of someone sitting me down on the step. Maybe it was the lack of rain or the foil blanket that they draped over my shoulders.

    “We’re going to have to take you to the hospital.” The blue lights flashed through the back doors, the rain was dancing down harder now.

    “Is there someone we should contact for you?” Someone had put the volume up a bit now and I could hear something else in the background.

    “Can you tell me your name?” I began to feel the little things, there was a dull ache in my side and my chest felt tingly.

    “Did he have any ID on him?” The trickle of rainwater running down the back of my shirt made me shiver.

    “Were you in the car?” The nagging feeling that I had forgotten something came back, it was stronger this time.

    “Can you feel any numbness in your extremities?” It felt like someone had used my ankle as a trampoline.

    “Is there someone we can contact for you?” I heard a dog howling in the distance.

    “If you can just sit on the bed, we can make you more comfortable?” I’d forgotten something important, it hid in my mind and moved further away every time I tried to reach for it.

    “My wife.” The paramedic nodded at the sound of my voice.

    “Speech is a bit slurred,” He was speaking to someone that I couldn’t see. “We can call your wife if you give us her number, we’ll get her to the Hospital to meet you.” The dog was still howling.

    “No, where is she?” I had forgotten something important, but I was starting to remember.

    “Was she in the car with you?” I saw a look cross the paramedic’s face and it was like someone had thrown me into the cold water again, I was awake now. A dog howled in the distance, strobe lights turned the rainstorm electric blue, I could feel my heart pounding as my stomach went cold, my eyes hurt with every pulse. Images flashed through my mind, shattered glass reflecting headlights, pale skin damp in the rain and a dark pool gathering on the roof of the upturned car.

    I remember strong hands holding me down and there was blood on my arm where I must have hit something. I was screaming and at that moment I thought nothing would ever make any sense ever again. I was just howling into the night and the dog in the distance was howling with me.

    680 Words @FenrirErebus


  7. The white line in the middle of the road kept him on track. His brain couldn’t compute much else in the darkness; it was mush after seeing her.

    With each white streak thoughts came to him, images of how he would get her, how he would have her; he knew he could do it. A smile crept across his face. His incisors touched his bottom lip for the first time in months, and he looked up, seeing the road for the first time, tires screeching as he did a U-turn.

    He hoped she would still be walking. She always did when spending the night at Duke’s shed. She couldn’t stand to get in a car when she was drunk, made her queasy she said.

    He passed the bar, the external lights not quite reaching the road, and slowed down, seeing figures walking on either side of the street. Then he spotted her, striding ahead of the rest.

    He reduced to a crawl and ran along the curb, rolling down his window. She flicked a glance his way.

    “What do you want Dean?”

    He bit his tongue over the obvious single word answer, and grinned at her.

    “Come get in the car, Darleen.”

    She laughed at the sky as she walked, her hair flying back. He wanted to wrap his hands in it and draw her into him.

    “You know that ain’t gonna happen, Dean.”

    He glanced in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t see anyone close by, so he mounted the sidewalk in front of her, leaning over to open the passenger door; letting it swung out in front of her.

    She stopped raising her hands as though touching it would get her all dirty. He would love to get her dirty.

    “You know you want to Darleen.”

    That laugh again – he wanted her.

    She stepped off to the side, planning to walk round. He growled under his breath and leapt out of the car. This time there was a look of fear and he felt a surge run through him like someone had plugged him in. He liked it, but he stayed by the door not wanting her to run; that wasn’t how he wanted this to go.

    “Arh, come on Darleen. You know me, I ain’t gonna do anything spooky. I just thought it’d be cool to take a ride. Go look at the moon over the ridge. Maybe have a smoke.”

    This last brought a raised eyebrow. He knew she liked having a smoke; they’d been stoned a few times – but always in a group. He could see her wavering. He turned, putting a foot back inside.

    “Come on, Darleen. Please?”

    She shrugged. “Oh what the hell. It’d better be good shit.”

    “Don’t worry, it is.”

    Once she was settled in he pulled out, doing another U-turn back the way he came. He could smell her musky sweet scent and he shifted in his seat, itching to reach over and touch her.

    They chit chatted over the night in the bar, then silence fell as they came up the rise of the road and the moon came into view. It was fat tonight and he felt his ears twitch. Behind glass he was safe.

    He pulled off onto the rocky track, driving to the look out. She sighed as it came into view.

    He pulled up, the moonlight streaming in like a false daylight. He had no trouble skinning up without the lights on and they smoked in silence.

    She opened her door first, arching her back as she got out. He imagined running his fingers down her spine. As his feet touched the ground he could feel the ripple. He arched as he stood too.

    When he turned and looked at her across the roof of the car he smiled. His incisors enlarged, and he knew that he displayed the same yellow eyes that reflected back at him. Her laugh was raspy.

    “I knew it! Get over here now!”

    Her demand caused him to howl and she joined him as he scampered round to her.

    Onlookers would think they were seeing two wolves mating that night, but they knew the truth.

    697 Words



    The whine of wind through the pines beyond the kitchen window and the cry of a newborn baby in the bedroom down the hall nearly eclipsed the plaintive wail out on the plateau.

    She finished washing the dinner dishes, turned out the light, and reached for the trash can.

    A hand settled on her shoulder. “I’ll take it out, Mom. It’s too damn cold out there for you.”

    “You know the cold doesn’t bother me,” she said, turning to pat his stubbled cheek.

    He grinned. “At least grab the parka before you go out there. Snow’s coming down pretty good now.”

    “It’s about that time, isn’t it? I’m so glad I spent it with you, son,” she said, hanging her apron beside the stove.

    “What’s with all the drama? You’re only going fifty feet to the dumpster.”

    She smiled up at him. “I love you, boy. Always remember that.”

    He bent and kissed her forehead. “Love you too, crazy woman. I’ll leave your mug on the counter.”

    She lifted the bag out of the can, left the parka on the hook, and closed the door quietly, so as not to wake the new mother and baby.

    She paused on the porch. The wind was sharp, scratching at her exposed skin like little icy claws.

    From inside the house, she heard Tristan’s humming as he puttered about, smelled the hot chocolate he’d put on the stove.

    Out on the dirt lane, she heard the crunching of paws in the snow and Chastain’s throaty greeting, even before he came into sight.

    The shotgun blast from over her shoulder stunned her and she watched in slow-motion horror as past and present collided in a tangle of skin, fur, and blood.

    Shaking off the stupor, she plunged into the melee, chest pounding, breathing labored as she struggled to pin Tristan down. “Son, stop. Listen to me.”

    Chastain was yipping with pain and his cries were repeated just beyond the hedge.

    Tristan’s eyes were wild with fear and confusion as the howls and shadows drew closer. “Mom! Get off me! I need to -”

    She gripped his wrist. “Drop the rifle and they’ll back away. Trust me.”

    His fingers uncurled and the weapon dropped from his palm.

    She got to her feet, howled into the wind, and the wolves came to a stop, resting on their haunches several yards from where she stood. Turning back to Tristan, she nodded to the injured wolf and said, “We need to get him inside.”

    He got to his feet. “A wolf? You want me to bring a wolf into my house?”

    “He’s not just a wolf, son. He’s a man too. I realize it’s a lot to take in, but you know me. You know I’d never do anything to endanger you or your family.”

    “Anything else you need to tell me, mom? Like maybe how my son is going to grow a tail or develop a preference for raw meat?”

    She crouched beside the wolf. “Only males carry the shifter dna. You and your son are entirely human.”

    He bent and got a grip on the wolf’s upper body. “What does this beast have to do with any of it?”

    She hesitated, hoping she’d get the words right. “He and I were pledged but I was headstrong, wanted to go to college. He agreed to wait for me but I met your father on campus and then you came along.”

    He shoved the door open with his shoulder. “So, what? He’s been the one howling every night since we moved out here at the end of civilization? And now’s he’s going to move in and try to be my father?”

    “No,” she said, helping to settle Chastain on the floor in front of the fire. “He’s going to heal and then we’re going to live out on the plateau with the pack.”

    He tossed another log into the fireplace. “You’re leaving me?”

    She ruffled his hair. “Son, you have your own family now. And I’ll only be a whistle away.”

    He looked up at her, a smile flickering in his eyes. “Whistle? Does that mean you’re not going to teach me the secret family howl?”

    = = = = =

    698 words / @bullishink


  9. I felt the drums before I heard them, a rumbling deep in my bones that drove me through the alley to the street. It was fully dark by now, and I’d warmed up some at home, enough that the combination of the buzz and the music made me feel a lot more attractive than I’m sure I was. Still, this wasn’t the night for half-measures, and I strode into the club as if I belonged there, and wasn’t just a slightly overweight geek in borrowed clothes.

    The looks from the gathering of men in the door triggered every one of my self-doubts, and I fought hard not to let it show on my face. They were everything I wasn’t – strong, self-confident, possessors of ripped abs and style, the kind of men I’d always known looked down on me as some sort of lesser man-beast. But she hadn’t invited them here tonight. She didn’t know their names. And she wouldn’t be going home with any of them after a night of … well, whatever consenting adults did in a place like this.

    I just hoped she’d be going home with me.

    Making my way past the bros guarding the door, I found my way to the bar and waved to the bartender. Their drink menu was online, and I’d done the research to find out exactly which kinds of whiskey they had, what they tasted like, and which ones I could afford enough of to show her a good time. She didn’t want fruity, she didn’t want wine. She wanted…

    “Booker’s. Two. Neat.” There she was, pressed up against me, tight in the ever-crowding room. Her skin was hot through my jeans, and I licked my lips involuntarily. I knew a man could get lost swimming among the stars swirling in her eyes from the flashing lights. I already was.

    “I knew you were a smart man. And one who can follow instructions.”

    I swallowed, my voice lost in a din of chaos in my mind. Women like this didn’t talk to me. Women like this didn’t smile at me. Women like this didn’t breathe into my ear and wink at me.

    “Relax. Have a drink. Have a few. The night is young.”

    We made our way to a corner and had that drink. And then another. And another. I don’t know what we said. I don’t know if we spoke aloud. But the buzz in my head grew, and my face grew numb, and I knew I had to kiss her. The whiskey on her tongue tasted even better than on mine, and my body quickly responded to this new intoxication, shivers of lightning running over my skin. She leaned back, breaking the kiss, and took another drink. Putting her cup down, she reached out for my hand.

    “It’s time. Time to make me howl.”

    Her fingers intertwined with mine, and I pressed my knuckles against the ring, and the stone atop it. She smiled at me, the smile I saw in my dreams, the smile I saw every morning when I woke up.

    “Thank god your parents have the kids.”

    521 words


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