Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 29 WINNERS

Good week here at the Blues-Buster…

Judge Gordon Bonnet had lots to read…

Take it away, Gordon…

Gotcher winners right here!

Third place: @BrewedBohemian: What a great, if disturbing, set of images. It was hard to read — violent scenes always are — but you’ve handled it masterfully. The whole thing brings up some strong emotions, which the best writing usually does!

Second place: @LastKrystallos: This one has a real mythological feel, which I absolutely loved. Vivid use of sensory and emotional words — I was right there in the scene, experiencing it. I would love to know more — who is she? I imagined that she was a Selkie, but that just may have been my overactive imagination. Either way, I loved this piece.

And… drum roll please…

First place: @drmagoo: This is one awesome piece of writing. I’m a sucker for a twist ending, and this one was a punch out of nowhere, and one that I totally didn’t see coming. You set us up, and then deliver the climax (word used very deliberately) perfectly. I’ve seldom seen it done this well. Wonderful read!

And… thank you so much for asking me to read these. It was difficult — they were all great, and picking winners wasn’t simple. It was an honor to participate!

Thanks, Gordon, for a job well done.

Congrats to all of our winners….

Eric, here’s the Winner’s Badge;


Thanks to all of our writers, readers, & to our Judge…

See you on Tuesday!

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  1. Your imagination was perfect Gordon, she was indeed a Selkie… 🙂
    Some lovely stories all round!


  2. Congrats to the winners. What a wonderful collection of stories this past week.


  3. Good work from a strong entry this week!


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