Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 27 WINNERS

Week 27 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books….

Judge DS George-Jones had some great entries to choose from. 

So speaketh Judge Debbie;

Thanks, Jeff, for asking me to judge this week. I’m a little disappointed that more people didn’t enter, especially since I adore this song, but the ones who did ~ well, y’all did great. You’re all winners in my book. But since I have to pick three actual winners, without further ado, they are: 
Third Place
My Souls Tears’ piece perfectly captures the racial divide and domestic violence. Very strong, believable voice. Love the next to last line. 
Second Place
“THE CONFESSION” by Bullish has a great voice. I can totally see the narrator, see her sitting at a table talking to her lawyer. I can see her kids. Great job showing us the scene.
First Place
Quackzalcoatl’s piece is quite striking and different from the rest of the entries. It imagines what happens after the bullet hits and your life ends. I love the language in this piece, and I felt like I’d been taken along for the ride. Plus, the last line is just brilliant.
All of y’all, keep writing. 
Mazel tov to all of our Winners.
Quackzalcoatl…. here’s the Winner’s Badge;
That’s it from me…
Thanks to all of our writers, readers, & Judge Debbie.
See you all on Tuesday for another thrilling episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!

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