Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 22 WINNERS

Week 22 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books…

Judge Miranda Kate has spoken!

So sayeth the Purple Queen;

I found the judging for this really tough, as all the entries were SO good. They all had such great concepts and reflected the song so well. I was tantalised by flames and titillated by sexual exploits. Getting down to just 3 was tough, but they did stand out.
The winner for me has to Laura James.
Her piece was concise and simply written. I was intrigued about why the character had been banished for her love, until I realised what her love was, which then led to further intrigue as to what would happen next. Through the viewpoint we were given a glimpse into the characters mind, and how a pyromaniac might feel about their love of fire. Despite being left wondering who had put the products of her desire in the tray or why, I was distracted by what she was going to do with them. The ending was perfect and left with me a smile, as I was left to imagine it myself. It stayed with me and I kept thinking about it.
2nd Place goes to Mark Ethridge.
The short direct sentences made this piece an easy read, with a good flow and pace. The first person viewpoint of the main character expressing how they felt as it went along enabled me to feel it along with them. The characters excitement was captured and their hope for more helped build it to the end, keeping the pace swift. In some ways it was a male’s perspective on a night out with the girl of their dreams. Loved it.
3rd Place goes to Jeff Hollar
This piece had so much and so many dimensions. I was surprised at the end, but left smiling as we all dream about that kind of vengeance, on such a grand scale, and walking away from it as though it never happened. I loved how the main character expressed his anger and resentment and told the story through his sarcastic comments and put downs. And, as ever with Jeff’s writing, his use of words and wide vocabulary gave it depth and great visual quality which made it a smooth read that flowed really well.
I wish I could have included more than the top three. Not one of the entries let me down, all were good quality. And I am grateful for the chance to play judge.


Mazel tov to all of our winners!  Laura, here’s the Winner’s Badge;


Thanks to Judge Miranda Kate and congrats to all of our readers & writers.

See you all on Tuesday…



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