Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 21 WINNERS

Week 21 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster; the Bobby “Blue” Bland Memorial Edition is in the books.  We had a great turnout this week– 10 entries!

Judge Meg McNulty had a tough job ahead of her.  She faced the peril head-on, though.  Let me shut up and let her tell you all about it…

Says Judge Meg;

Sorry to get back to you so late! It was a great selection of stories – a really high standard – so I had to think long and hard how to rank them.

On reflection, the story that stands out for me is You Reap what You Sow by Miranda Kate aka @purplequeenNL. It captured me instantly – I wanted to know why the narrator hated being where she was – and then went on to build an utterly convincing voice. Even at the end of her life the narrator won’t recognise her own responsibility in creating her situation, is wrapped up in denial and self pity. She’s a character we have all met at some point. But despite that, there’s pathos in her story that gives the entry a deep emotional resonance. 

My second choices are @MissBliss and then @bullishink.

Miss Bliss captures the vulnerability and uncertainty in her female character and the protectiveness of her male character. Despite the brevity of the story she brings two distinct POV subtlely weaves in a past and gives the reader a sense of jubilation that two characters who have suffered finally have a chance at happiness. It’s charming.

I love Ruth’s story for similar reasons, she captures vulnerability brilliantly and I didn’t see the cancer revelation coming. It was an excellent twist in a truly emotional story.

All the stories rank high on emotional resonance – very moving.


Congratulations to all of our winners!  Miranda, here’s the Winner’s Badge.  You’ve got quite a collection of these going!


I’d like to thank all of our writers, readers, & the Judge for coming out to play.

See you all Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!



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  1. I loved this week’s stories – so hard to choose a winner, but Miranda’s story was outstanding!


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