Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 20 WINNERS

Thank you one and all for a terrific Week 20 here at the Mid-Week Blues-Buster.  We tied our high number for entries with eleven!  This one goes to eleven!

I’m just gonna shut my pie hole and let Judge Jennifer Gracen break it all down;

Take it away, Jen…

First off, I want to thank Jeff Tsuruoka for inviting me to judge this. This was cool! I’ve never judged anything before, ’tis my virgin effort! Hope you’ll all be gentle with me…
I feel like I *HAVE* to explain why he chose me for this particular song prompt. Jeff and I have often talked about music, our mutual passion other than writing. One night we were talking about songs we think are sexy. Long story short, I basically told him that yeah there’s most of Prince’s catalog, or anything Chris Cornell or Matt Bellamy sing, but that Depeche Mode’s “Home” invokes seriously sensual imagery for me. Like… sex up against a wall imagery…
Aaaaand here we are, folks. Leave it to Smoke to get me to judge a contest with that as bait. LOL!
So with that in mind, I’ll swing into the results. Thank you SO much to everyone who sent in something, you all rock for doing so! And gave me so many interesting words to read, it really was hard to whittle down final choices.
I don’t know if Smoke usually does this, but I want to shout out Honorable Mentions to @drmagoo and Bullish for their entries. Sooooo well written, with twists I didn’t see coming. Hot damn.
Okay. Here goes. Keep in mind I’ve been called “verbose” by many…
3rd place: Valerie Haight
If anyone could read this short, steamy, sexy, sweaty piece without getting tingly or needing a cold shower afterwards? You might be dead and need to check to see if you have a pulse.
“…I whimpered as practical reason and fiery need wrestled for my attention.” Wooooo baby. *fans self* And, PERFECT for the prompt. Woo hoo!! Like I said, I visualize up against the wall sex when you hear this song…
Yeah, I said it. LOL
2nd place: Miranda Kate
Have to admit, this one resonated for me personally in ways I won’t get into here. I related, all too well. But that’s what a piece of good writing should do.
How many people, especially in this Internet age, have felt this way: “She so wanted to change it and break out, but she could only do that in her imagination and in her writings. She sighed getting up and going upstairs to the loft, to her desk under the skylight. The computer was waiting for her. inviting her in to its world of social networks and communities, giving her somewhere to belong and something to be a part of.”
I know I have. That’s how I met many of the wonderful writers online in the first place. BOOM, right to the heart.
1st place: Mark Ethridge
Either Valerie’s sexy smut or Miranda’s quietly powerful pieces could have been 1st place for me. I loved both, connected with both… but then there was this one. Goddamn.
“I left her.”
Mark gripped me with that succinct, powerladen opener by the throat, and didn’t let go.
Harrowing, a punch to the gut. So realistic that I pray for this author this really is flash FICTION.
I read all the pieces on Saturday. And when thinking back on them this morning, it was Mark’s words that were ringing in my head. Staying with me. Haunting me.

“I knew that’s why people started homes. They were in love. And thought they always would be.”

“Because I remembered homes become cold, and lifeless, and slowly kill the people living in them. And I knew the only thing I could do for her, and for me, was leave. And in so doing, free us both from the trap our home had become.”

Pardon my language, but holy shit. Mark nailed this one.


Congratulations everyone!!! This was fun. Hope I get to do it again some time.  

So speaketh The Commanatrix!
Mark, here’s the Winner’s Badge;
Mazel tov to all of our winners, writers, readers, & the Judge too!  Thanks for hanging out with me.
Tune in next week for another exciting episode of…. The Mid-Week Blues-Buster….

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