Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 16 WINNERS

Week 16 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books…

Judge Angela Goff speaks…

So. No one told me it would be so tough to judge this thing, even with only 9 entries.

It goes without saying that all of the entries were fabulously well executed. Each one made me stop and think, and really look at a second layer of what was really going on with the story. All the characters were complex, and so were the situations, with a knotty moral dilemma at the center of each.

As for the judging – I guess I did it in a slightly backward way. Since I had never heard of the song, I did not listen to it until after I had read all of the entries. This allowed me to look at all 9 as a collective body of work, and discover the common theme gradually – that of a broken hero. Then I turned to the song to help me make my final decision.

My top picks were:

1st “The Intern” by Valerie Haight
2nd “Dark Horses” by Ruth Long
3rd “Josie” by Miranda Kate

All three of these stood out to me in pacing, content, and satisfactory resolution of all elements (even if the story left you with a few more questions). They really got into the heads of the POV characters in a way that I felt I *knew* them, and all their long history, without mountains of backstory wedged in.

“The Intern” especially surprised me all the way through, which is difficult to do in a compact space.

This was a great challenge with some fabulous responses. Thanks to Jeff for letting me participate!!

Okey…. there it is.  Congrats to Val and all of our winners, writers, & the Judge too!
Valerie – here’s the Winner’s Badge;
Thanks for playing, everyone.
See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!!!

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  1. Thanks, Angela!! Congrats to all the winners and big hugs to Jeff who lets us spout crazy here each week!


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