Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 15 WINNERS

Week 15– the Ray Manzarek Edition– of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books.

We got seven great entries this week…

I’m now going to get on with my new Blues-Buster tradition of shutting my pie hole & letting the judge take the floor.

Says Judge Lizzie Koch;

I’m in teacher mode now wanting to give everyone who took part ‘two stars and a wish’ plus a gazillion house points! But it is a contest and I have chosen three stories which appeal to me. All stories are amazing and for me to judge you makes me feel like a fraud when I learn so much from all of you with all your flash fiction pieces. You have also provided me with the confidence to have a go at the Mid- Week Blues Buster. So thank you again. And thank you The Magnificent Seven for your tales. xx

Here are my three stories which couldn’t be further apart in style and genre but all sooooo good. xx

Right here goes. . . . .

First goes to Lisa Shambrook, following hot on the heels of her winning Steampunk entry. What I loved about Lisa’s story was how the reader is taken back and forth from the events of the bar to the fear of the chase and how she came to be in such a frightening situation- without giving too much away; the clues are there for the reader to decipher how she ended up here from a night out, which is very talented writing. The chase worked beautifully with the music too. With delicious description throughout, it made for a tense and gripping read with a surprising yet justified ending. Well done Lisa.


Second goes to Miranda Kate.

Free love man! I love the free spirit and cheekiness of this story where anything goes. I like the realism of the characters with their laidback attitude, munchies and uncontrollable giggling. It made me smile throughout! The outcome of the four- in- a- bed is surprising but makes for a feel-good-read. It was the perfect story to The Doors music, capturing a scene, a generation and a lifestyle. 😉


Third is Mark Ethridge

Mark takes his character on a journey from the depths of despondency and rejection to rebirth and I was there every step of the way. I really felt the emotion behind the piece as the character tries to understand what has happened to him after being discarded like a piece of rubbish. The short sentence structure is used to great effect, building the tension and anxiety. And I’m all for a happy ending; the character deserved to come out the other side. Great story telling about resilience when faced with absolutely nothing.

That’s it…

Congratulations to all of our winners, writers, & the Judge too!

Lisa… here’s the Winner’s Badge


See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster……..


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  1. *CLAPS* Congrats to all the winners this week!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


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