Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 13 WINNERS

Week 13 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster was a great one.  We got eight great entries… our second-highest total to date.

Thanks to all who came out to write, read, & judge.

Speaking of Judge… here’s Judge Cara Michaels’s decisons…

Winner: Passengers / Ruth

Chosen because I feel the craftsmanship of this story is the strongest of the group, and also because the story offers a damn interesting hook. Passengers, handlers, the musical delivery of instructions… and to watch it all begin to unravel with a single kiss. I would love to see this story expanded and learn more about Paolo and Josette.

Honorable Mentions:

The Getaway / Valerie

A close 2nd place choice here. Woohoo, what a ride! I love a good adventure, and this one is a corker. Love the layered meaning to “getaway,” too.

Unexpected Trip / Steven

Intriguing set up, with loads of fun questions dangling at the end. Is she the agent catching a bad guy? Is the bad guy the agent? And just how does she define, “bad”? Nice job.


There it is…

Thanks, Judge Cara!  Congrats to all of our winners.

Ruth– here’s the badge… again!


See you all on Tuesday for another thrilling episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!


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