Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 10 Winners

All right then…. Week 10 of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is in the books!

Judge Miranda Gammella has spoken;

First off…. damn you and your taste in music. After I listened to the featured song, I found myself listening to jump blues for the rest of the night and adding other groups to my Pandora shuffle (because unfortunately Pandora doesn’t have The Atomic Fireballs in their system). This reminded me what I love about funk and blues and swing and well just jazz in general. Prior to becoming the “Grand Poobah” of the Daily Picspiration blog, back when I was just a poobah, I wailed away on my saxaphone in a jazz group in college. I especially loved the gritty songs and The Atomic Fireballs brought that back, so thank you for that.

Now, enough about me. Now I’m sure you want to know (as do the participants) who I have picked as the official champs of this week’s Mid-Wee-Blues-Buster. 
I have enjoyed all the entries, all took the song inspiration in quite different ways.
Untitled by @Valeriebrbr
Lots of action in this one. I wasn’t sure who to root for, and held my breathe when the narrator fell in the water. And a dirty cop in the mix… intriguing.
Broken by @LastKrystallos
Ah, I can relate to the old man’s saddness over seeing broken flowers. Whether by natural means (bloom too heavy, wind, etc) or otherwise, I always get a little sad when I see a pretty spring flower with its bright, colorful bloom drooped and crushed. The integration of the song prompt was more subtle here, and I liked it. The man with the hex… is a quiet old man who loves his garden. Keep off the grass, kids!
Spats by @PurpleQueenNL
The visuals in this story drew me in. I could hear the music, see the dancers, feel the energy of the room … not just from my own love of jazz, but from that excitement that any child gets when he or she gets to go to something ‘adulty’ with his or her parents. I remember a similar feeling when I was a kid going to a place called Tony Packos in Toledo, Ohio with my father. There wasn’t any dancing, but there was a jazz band there playing while we ate our chili. Because of the music, and the environment, it feel ‘adulty’ to me too. Thankfully, what happened to Katy didn’t happen to me, but I can relate to the initial feelings. Miranda was also the only person to make a direct reference to the music.
Another World by @ashviper
I laughed when this started – I think we all know the feeling of doing research or doing something to get into the feel of the place or people or just some part of the story. Although by the end of it, the author in this story became the story.
Lemon Drop Shots by @BrewedBohemian
I loved the banter between Kaylee and Amber, and how she ended right with the very person the old tarot reader was trying to warn her against. Now I want to know what happens with Kaylee and the man with the bright red eyes. Very nice job of bringing in the reader with such a short framework.
Ah, and now for the weeeeiners… *jazzy drum roll please*
3rd Place – Spats by @PurpleQueenNL
2nd Place – Broken by @LastKrystallos
1st Place – Lemon Drop Shotsby @BrewedBohemian
Great job everyone, and thank you to Jeff for asking me to judge. It’s been a pleasure to read your creations.
There it is…
Congrats to our winners and to everyone who came out to write, read, & judge.
Here’s the Winner’s Badge, Jenn!
Thanks, folks!
See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster!

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