Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 09 Winners

The Wolf Lady has spoken!

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 09 is in the books… Thanks to everyone who came out & wrote, read, & judged…

Take it away, Janelle…

*fans self* I didn’t know what was in store when I agreed to be the judge this week. Whew! Hot and steamy hardly describes some of the stories these talented authors came up with. And others? Gave me chills!

My picks are:

First – Strange Eternities by @ScrivK
Captivating and intriguing, with touches of humor that caught me laughing at work – and hiding behind my hand so no one would see – this story made me really wonder about the possibilities of this strange world. It thrilled this Whovian to pieces.

Second – Decisions by @Valeriebrbr
After I read this flash (hot flash!), I need a cold shower. And a drink. And a date. Okay, so I only got the shower, but boy did the chemistry fly right out from between these two characters. Made me want to know exactly what happened behind closed doors.

Third – Playing the Point by @bullishink
Sometimes we don’t see what’s staring us smack dab in the face. Or who, rather. How many times have we watched a character fall all over themselves for exactly the person we know they should stay far away from. This story had me cheering Mags on, especially the way she wasn’t going to let Kitt take the easy road to capturing her heart.

All of the stories were fabulous. It made choosing very difficult. So much talent in this room, congratulations writers! You’re all winners in my book.

So there it is… Congrats to one and all!

The Winner’s Badge is here: Image

Thanks again to Janelle Jensen for judging this week.

See you all on Tuesday!


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