Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 03 WINNERS

Week 03 was a huge one for us here at the Blues-Buster.  Thanks to everyone who wrote, read, judged, & promoted… We’re off to a great start.

Now, on to the Week 03 Winners.

Take it away, judge Mona Bliss…

I had never heard this cover before and it sort of blew my mind.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort to put some words together and take us on a music inspired quick flash fiction journey.  I also want to lodge a complaint because choosing was not so easy folks…but the job is pick three so I did…but I really loved all the entries!  Thanks to Jeff for asking me to judge and I look forward to joining in the fun in the coming weeks.
1st – Training Day by JennM.  I am a SciFi reader from way back and this is a sparkling little jewel that I hope is either part of something larger or the beginning of something larger!  Love the West Texas reference and I have to say I actually yelled at the computer when she stuck her hand towards that dang little winged creature because they ALWAYS bite.  Little monsters.  Loved it!
2nd – Untitled by LisaShambrook – The sensory experience of this story was so powerful for me along with the emotional content.  The old woman absolutely WILLING that child to show up was so visceral and I was going to be heartbroken if he didn’t make it.  Very nicely done.
3rd – Compton California Dreamin’ by Jeffrey Hollar.  Great description packed into a very tight story that had an ever increasing level of tension.  I was actually afraid that the diner was getting robbed when the main character first walked in because the whole situation was already building tension. I’m happy it was the tension of choices to be made rather than lives to be lost.  
Congrats to the winners and big thanks to all who submitted a story.  These were wonderful.
Mazel tov to all of the winners and to everyone who submitted a story this week.  See you on Tuesday for another edition of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster!

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